London Cocktail Week

This week is London Cocktail Week – I had no idea that it existed until recently, but am so happy I found out about it and (obviously) decided to participate. 

Basically, you pay £10 for a wristband which gets you deals on drinks at participating bars all week, as well as a cocktail book and a free drink. They also setup Old Spitalfields Market as a “cocktail village” where a ton of different bars have stands and give out free samples.

A couple of friends and I visited the cocktail village on Tuesday evening. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised with the setup. Various bars and/or liquor brands had stands at the market. They were making drinks, handing out recipes, and providing free samples. The majority of them were making cocktails that could be made at home, as well, which sent us all into DIY mode. I think I had every type of alcohol imaginable and was having such a great time. 

My favorite was probably the Bookers Gin Bar or Don Papa’s Rum Bar (though I am super jealous of the mini Patron bottle that Marisa’s tequila came in – and she got to keep it!).

Due to work and the head cold I am rapidly developing, I have not participated in any LCW festivities since Tuesday, but can only imagine how great it is going to be on the weekend. Maybe we will stop by again for some more deals. I’ll definitely be looking out for this next year, though, and going into it with some more planning!