Country Life: Berko Edition

Living in Berkhamsted (aka not London) this past week has had its challenges, but has also been a nice little break from the city. To start, it sucks not being able to run to the shop to grab something and be back home within ten minutes. And, of course, since I have a long and uphill walk home, it’s been raining non stop!

[Note: hill in picture is steeper than it appears]

However, the worst part so far has been the travel. It is not fun having to wake up an hour earlier to get into work about ten minutes earlier (and pay what feels like millions to do so). I’ve also already had instances of running for the train, missing the train, and the ever despised train delays. 
 [Berkhamsted station, 7am and raining]

But, there are some positives. Last weekend, I convinced Megan to come out and visit (to be honest, it didn’t take much convincing). We pretty much spent the entire afternoon at the pub (shocker) and made new friends in the process. A group of people asked to use the end of our table and instead of perching on the end and minding their own business, they jumped into our conversation….and it ended up being a truly hilarious night. We started at the Boat, which is right on the canal and the “best pub in Berkhamsted” according to Sean and ended at the Goat. It was nice because Sean was working but had a quiet moment so he was even able to join for a bit!


Sean and I have also been cooking more, which is great preparation for our new house! This weeks menu was steak, honey-teriyaki salmon, and egg fried rice. We had fantastic dinners and leftovers for lunch! But, now I’m in love with all of Sean’s moms cookware (and kitchen) so I might just get depressed when I move back to Clapham.

Lastly, it’s just prettier here! Greener. The air is fresher. I often take for granted city breaks and choos  to focus on the boredom/pollen count instead of the relaxation and fresh air. I’m off traveling from this evening, but look forward to my last few days of country life upon my return.