Culinary Delights

I am going to start with a disclaimer that this was probably the least healthy eating week I have had in awhile, and the Super Bowl really didn’t help!

Our home cooked meals this past week included the remaining half of our Boxing Day honey baked gammon (we froze it for a month and a half and it was still amazing!), scallops with parmesan risotto, and my go-to fancy ravioli and vegetable combo.




[I started eating “fancy” ravioli, such as this one with chicken and pancetta, with parmesan, pepper, and olive oil, and I refuse to turn back! It feels 100x lighter than traditional ravioli and is so delicious]

Of course, our Super Bowl party on Sunday meant lots of American-style fatty foods, all of which I happily devoured. All of the planned food turned out wonderfully, and we added on Bacon Cheese Fries at the last minute – they probably ended up being my favorite dish of the night!

You can read about all of the dishes on my Super Bowl Snacks post, but here are my pictures of the final products. Be prepared for some mouth watering!













[Had to show the cheese fries twice because they were actually heaven on Earth]

As a bonus, we used leftover Spinach & Artichoke fondue as a pasta sauce the next day by adding a splash of water and reheating it until it reached a creamy texture. This might just become my go-to sauce for pasta dishes – it was even better than as a dip!


We definitely need to go back to healthy until we leave for our skiing trip next weekend! Good thing we have a Gousto box getting delivered today – hello fresh food and portion control. (Currently ignoring the fact I have bottomless brunch plans on both Saturday & Sunday….)


A Weekend in NYC

I spent this past weekend visiting my friend Sara in New York City. It was my first time seeing her since May (that’s a long time for us) and my first time in New York City in over a year! In typical Sara & Kelly fashion, we did as much as we could while barely doing anything at all. We’re talking brunch, shopping, sleep…and plenty of Nemo snuggles.

I arrived late on Friday night, so we got into our old habit of late night pizza delivery while catching up at Sara’s apartment. There were a lot of Nemo snuggles during this since I hadn’t seen him in a year!

On Saturday, we met up with our friend and sorority sister, Kelsey, who trekked all the way in from New Jersey. We went to brunch at Barraca – delicious food and a two hour unlimited sangria bar in the West Village. They were filling up our sangria before we could even process that our glasses were empty. It was so nice to catch up with Kelsey and share our information on where everyone has ended up with each other.

[This dish was literally heaven on earth – steak, friend egg, roasted brussel sprouts, and potatoes – aint she a beaut?]

After brunch, Sara and I went back to her apartment to take Nemo on a walk. We had planned to go for a nice dinner and a night out, but ended up falling asleep at 7. I was still a bit jet lagged and the sangria did not help, so 7:00pm quickly because 9:00am the following morning.

We woke up fresh on Sunday morning and ordered breakfast in. Seriously, the best thing about New York is that you can order literally anything at any time of the day (thank you Seamless!). After devouring our breakfast (we slept through dinner the night before), we headed out for some shopping. I stopped to drain my wallet at my U.S. favorites (Madewell and Sephora) before swinging by a news shop to get a Powerball ticket (which will hopefully fill my wallet back up!).

Of course, I didn’t leave New York without some Magnolia banana pudding with me! It is probably one of my favorite desserts – and that says a lot! I’m trying to eat it slowly so I can savour it as long as possible, but I feel a binge coming on.

It was a really short trip to New York this past weekend, but I had such a great time seeing Sara (and Nemo!) and Kelsey. I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to travel the world and live in London, but there is nothing like coming home to old friends.