Skiing in Steamboat

I spent all of last week in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, for a ski trip and – oh, boy! – I am definitely still recovering. I don’t think I’ve skied that much ever – 3 full days and 2 half days – but it was so much fun!

Here’s the thing about me and skiing:

Pretty much everyone knows this story by now, but for those of you who don’t: I broke my arm skiing when I was ten. It was quite dramatic, but then again I was at that age. We were skiing our last run of the day and for some reason I thought I stood a chance at beating my brother down. I tried to go down the whole mountain making as few turns as possible to gain speed…I was going very fast and hit a patch of ice. The rest is a fall and crying and pain. They had to give me a temporary cast of bubble wrap and cardboard so we could drive the 1.5 hours to the nearest hospital and I was in a little cast for what felt like forever.

Since then, I never got back to the level of skiing I was at. When I was younger, I was so confident and absolutely loved it. As I grew up, I didn’t ski nearly as much and had a huge mental block when I actually went. With Sean in my life, though, I feel the need to get back into it – and I really actually want to.

 [I obviously need to get back into skiing to keep up with this stud!]

In terms of progress, this trip was amazing! We took a half day lesson our first day there and Sean took up skiing for the first time, so we were able to stick together on the mountain (as annoyed I was at the fact that he was immediately better than me…stupid naturals!). By the end of the trip, and after a few highs and lows, I felt more confident on skis, stopped caring about steepness (I still don’t like ice, though), and left Colorado excited about skiing as opposed to scared. There was one moment where I just about gave up on skiing permanently and asked for a ride down the mountain with ski patrol (low visibility in the middle of a snowstorm at the top of a really steep trail I hadn’t skied yet), but I pushed through and made it down…and it ended up being our best day out on the slopes!


[At the time of my panic attack, the visibility was probably half of this and we were on a harder run…believe me, I would not have been taking pictures at that point!]


Steamboat is an adorable little town – we would wake up early and spend the days skiing, stopping for lunch on the mountain before skiing it all off, then head back for dinner, ending the night with drinks and board games at the house. We went downtown for a couple of dinners and even turned a whole afternoon into a date night with just the two of us – shopping downtown, a trip to the Old Town Hot Springs, happy hour at the Old Town pub, and then dinner at Mahogany Ridge Grill. After visiting both Aspen and Zermatt, I have come to realize that I absolutely love mountain towns and this was no exception!


[Necessary relaxation after a long day of skiing]


[The Old Town Hot Springs were such a nice break from the mountains – so warm in the water, but so refreshing to still be in the cool Colorado air!]

We are heading to Zermatt next weekend with my brother and his wife, and our friends Sara and Hope. I’m so excited to visit Zermatt again, but also itching to get back in skis and keep this high going!  Follow us on Instagram for live updates!



A Weekend in NYC

I spent this past weekend visiting my friend Sara in New York City. It was my first time seeing her since May (that’s a long time for us) and my first time in New York City in over a year! In typical Sara & Kelly fashion, we did as much as we could while barely doing anything at all. We’re talking brunch, shopping, sleep…and plenty of Nemo snuggles.

I arrived late on Friday night, so we got into our old habit of late night pizza delivery while catching up at Sara’s apartment. There were a lot of Nemo snuggles during this since I hadn’t seen him in a year!

On Saturday, we met up with our friend and sorority sister, Kelsey, who trekked all the way in from New Jersey. We went to brunch at Barraca – delicious food and a two hour unlimited sangria bar in the West Village. They were filling up our sangria before we could even process that our glasses were empty. It was so nice to catch up with Kelsey and share our information on where everyone has ended up with each other.

[This dish was literally heaven on earth – steak, friend egg, roasted brussel sprouts, and potatoes – aint she a beaut?]

After brunch, Sara and I went back to her apartment to take Nemo on a walk. We had planned to go for a nice dinner and a night out, but ended up falling asleep at 7. I was still a bit jet lagged and the sangria did not help, so 7:00pm quickly because 9:00am the following morning.

We woke up fresh on Sunday morning and ordered breakfast in. Seriously, the best thing about New York is that you can order literally anything at any time of the day (thank you Seamless!). After devouring our breakfast (we slept through dinner the night before), we headed out for some shopping. I stopped to drain my wallet at my U.S. favorites (Madewell and Sephora) before swinging by a news shop to get a Powerball ticket (which will hopefully fill my wallet back up!).

Of course, I didn’t leave New York without some Magnolia banana pudding with me! It is probably one of my favorite desserts – and that says a lot! I’m trying to eat it slowly so I can savour it as long as possible, but I feel a binge coming on.

It was a really short trip to New York this past weekend, but I had such a great time seeing Sara (and Nemo!) and Kelsey. I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to travel the world and live in London, but there is nothing like coming home to old friends.

Newly Grad

My most recent trip was home (well, one of my homes) for graduation. It was probably the best weekend I’ve had in awhile. I only went to one out of my two graduations, but it was so nice being with family and friends again that I didn’t even care about that. Or about the fact that I wasn’t even over my jet lag before flying back. This is so photo heavy because I absolutely loved all of the pictures we took that weekend – and the background provided for the perfect backdrop!


[We attempted – and failed at – the typical cap throwing picture]

I absolutely loved being on campus again, in my old apartment, with all of my favorite people. Sean joined me on Friday night (he came for only 48 hours – what a trooper!) which made the weekend even better!

Upon my arrival in Boston, I ordered Uburger for delivery and I am not even the least bit ashamed. Sara and I absolutely feasted on our burgers and fries and then I passed out….only to wake up at like 5 am.

Friday was graduation day (the one I actually went to, the one where I got to walk across the stage). I showed up and immediately ran into all of the people that I hadn’t seen in so long. I was even stopped at one point in line directly next to one of my closest friends who I hadn’t seen since December so we had a nice catch up.




[A cap, a gown, and some cords – I graduated! And the Hogan family was there for the occasion.]

After graduation, in typical Hogan family fashion, we headed to the bar (my very last trip to Sunset Cantina) and then to dinner in the North End. Rabias is a seafood/Italian restaurant and probably my favorite ever. They have this incredible white whine from New Zealand that I highly recommend. After dinner, it was more drinking at Battery Park Bar and then more along the water at Salvatore’s. That’s where Sean met me, suitcase and all! We went for the full night out and ended up at Lorettas in Fenway before grabbing Fenway Franks and walking home.


[Suitcase in tow at Salvator’s on the waterfront.]

On Saturday, we continued the trend with Harpoon Fest which was unfortunately a huge disappointment. To make up for it, we went to Legal Harborside for snacks and drinks before a Mexican dinner at Lolita. Except before dinner we went for starters at City Table….and by starters I mean essentially a full meal which means I didn’t eat my dinner. Good news is that Lolita leftovers make a great breakfast!


[The group after some afternoon drinks at Legal Harborside.]

Sunday was the day I decided to skip the all university graduation. It was an absolutely gorgeous day and I preferred walking around enjoying it over sitting on a field with thousands of other people. We headed back to City Table for brunch (fantastic mimosas!) where I was reunited with my best friend, Marisa. Then, we pranced along Newbury Street into the Public Gardens. My dad then suggested a beer garden, which are surprisingly lacking in Boston, so we just headed for a pub in Beacon Hill.


[My favorite part of Boston – The Public Gardens]


We raced back home for a quick graduation photo shoot before Sean headed back to the airport…and I followed a couple of hours later.


[Probably my favorite picture of us EVER!]

[Another cliche we attempted and failed (and we were left with very smelly stairs!)]

I arrived back to a rainy London, sat in two hours of traffic, and walked into work.  9-5 has me missing Boston (and the U.S.) like crazy!

Next stop: Florence