Culinary Delights

I am going to start with a disclaimer that this was probably the least healthy eating week I have had in awhile, and the Super Bowl really didn’t help!

Our home cooked meals this past week included the remaining half of our Boxing Day honey baked gammon (we froze it for a month and a half and it was still amazing!), scallops with parmesan risotto, and my go-to fancy ravioli and vegetable combo.




[I started eating “fancy” ravioli, such as this one with chicken and pancetta, with parmesan, pepper, and olive oil, and I refuse to turn back! It feels 100x lighter than traditional ravioli and is so delicious]

Of course, our Super Bowl party on Sunday meant lots of American-style fatty foods, all of which I happily devoured. All of the planned food turned out wonderfully, and we added on Bacon Cheese Fries at the last minute – they probably ended up being my favorite dish of the night!

You can read about all of the dishes on my Super Bowl Snacks post, but here are my pictures of the final products. Be prepared for some mouth watering!













[Had to show the cheese fries twice because they were actually heaven on Earth]

As a bonus, we used leftover Spinach & Artichoke fondue as a pasta sauce the next day by adding a splash of water and reheating it until it reached a creamy texture. This might just become my go-to sauce for pasta dishes – it was even better than as a dip!


We definitely need to go back to healthy until we leave for our skiing trip next weekend! Good thing we have a Gousto box getting delivered today – hello fresh food and portion control. (Currently ignoring the fact I have bottomless brunch plans on both Saturday & Sunday….)


Culinary Delights

I’ve decided I am going to make this post a weekly thing. I’m starting to spend more and more time in the kitchen and would love to share what I’ve been making. I’m not quite to the point where I can come up with a brilliant recipe on my own, but between Gousto and altering other recipes slightly, I have established some pretty great regular meals in our small, London kitchen.

Plus, I take so many pictures of my food and need to do something with them!

This week’s Gousto meals: Korean Beef, Lamb Pasta, and Veggie Chilli

My favorite? It’s a toss up between the beef and the pasta! The veggie chilli had much more flavor than I was expecting, but the beef was unlike anything I’ve tasted before! And lamb on pasta? Brilliant!


My other favorites were our weekend brunch (crunchy kale and a fried egg on toast) and fajita bowls, which I turned into a lunch salad the next day!

Our kale turned out a bit too crunchy, but still had all the right flavors. We added a side of roasted sweet potatoes to take a small breakfast dish and transform it into a Sunday brunch that would last us all the way until dinner!

I got this Fajita Bowl recipe from Diethood, but we marinated the chicken overnight using a Vitamix recipe and threw some black beans into the dish.

As a bonus, I got a sweet surprise this morning in my breakfast. Now that I am working from home, Sean and I get the occasional nice morning in together on the days that he has off. This morning, that meant a Full English!