About Me

IMG_0853Why, hello! My name is Kelly and I am 22 years old. I am a 2015 graduate of Boston University now making the most of my International Management concentration. Born and raised in the DC area (with a few year stint in West Chester, PA), I have migrated to London where I dutifully work and happily play. I try to stay true to my American roots, but continue to fall more in love with London with each passing day.

This blog is a collection of my culinary mishaps, travel dos and don’ts, home decorating techniques, and London discoveries. Join me as I travel, dine, shop, entertain, and plan…lots of planning!

I currently live in London with my dashing boyfriend and travel partner, Sean, our imaginary cavapoo, and our joint obsession with Peter Jones.


I used to obsessively Tweet, but can’t guarantee much fun on there anymore. More regularly, I daydream on Pinterest, try to make myself look tan on Instagram, and keep track of the cool places responsible for my caloric intake on FourSquare (or, well, Swarm – but same thing). I’m also a full-time employee on the side, and you can find updates about that on LinkedIn.

Oh – you can also get an overview of all the places I’ve been here!


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