Ski Weekend in Zermatt

Last weekend, Sean and I headed out to Zermatt for a long weekend with my brother, my sister-in-law Sarah, and our friends Sara and Hope. We had been trying to plan a trip to Zermatt with my brother and Sarah for awhile and suddenly, we all had a weekend that worked! Hope was immediately interested and then Sara made a last minute decision to join and booked a flight from NYC out to London for the week to join us for the weekend.

We had so much fun! The skiing was hard – I don’t know what I would have done without the week of practice in Colorado because I was struggling even with it. The conditions honestly weren’t the best, but the weather was perfect and it was too beautiful to complain about.

We arrived on Thursday evening and made the drive out to Tasch, where Sean’s family flat is. The sun set at the beginning of the drive, so we didn’t get all of the views of Lake Geneva we had hoped for, and an accident caused traffic pretty much the entire way, but we made it to Zermatt in one piece around 10pm, ate some pizza, and then went to bed. 

[The view from the flat – you’ll probably see this picture every time I go to Zermatt!]

On Friday, it was just me, Sara, and Sean to start out. We admitted defeat to exhaustion and started the day rather late. We only had time for crepes in town before going back to Tasch to meet Hope and rent our skis. Once everyone was settled, we headed back into Zermatt to visit the Matterhorn Museum and do some window shopping. I absolutely love the village feel of Zermatt and could walk around for hours without any purpose and still enjoy myself.


[At the Matterhorn Museum, this is the rope that snapped during the first climb that caused four deaths and major controversy for the survivors]

The Matterhorn Museum had a weird setup, but was also extremely informative. After browsing around and having some fun with the interactive games, we went to the Brown Cow Pub to grab a bite to eat.We spent a couple of hours there with beers, wings, and delicious burgers before heading back to the flat for more beers and a hilarious game of Cards Against Humanity.

My brother and Sarah were due to arrive late that night, and after some train delays and a bus trip, they finally made it! We all headed to bed, ready to get up for our first day of skiing the next morning.

We woke up early to get on the first shuttle to Zermatt. Though still half asleep, we headed up the mountain on the Gornergrat Express and got straight to the skiing. Mike and Sarah got a later start to the day since they got in so late the night before, but met up with us right before lunch. I had been feeling ill all morning and ended up calling it an early day with Hope after lunch. The skiing was a lot of fun and I really didn’t want it to end, but the two of us both agreed that we were better off calling it a day and going back out the next day (she was exhausted, I was feeling miserable).

When we were all back from skiing and showered, we headed back into Zermatt for dinner at Cafe du Pont. I had been previously with Sean’s family and think I will probably go every time I set foot in Zermatt. We had escargot to start and delicious fondue as our meal. We were all in heaven during the meal and in food comas by the end of it. We headed back to the flat with the intention of playing a board game, but all passed out before 10:00!


The next day, we got on the first shuttle again, but headed up a different part of the mountain with the intention of skiing into Italy. When we got to the top, though, Italy was literally covered by a cloud! Change of plans – we stayed in Switzerland, but stayed on that side of the mountain. Our group had some interested experiences with a T-Bar (wipeout), a spontaneous cloud causing low visibility (where is everybody?), and a really steep and slippery part of one piste (mental breakdown). I considered calling it a day early, but decided to stay out and am very happy I did! Sarah, Hope, and I decided to split off from the more experienced skiers and ended the day on an easier piste which was so enjoyable!

When we were finished with skiing, we stayed up at the top of the mountain for apres ski at the ICE Bar. We sat outside in the sun and I honestly could have convinced myself I was at the beach! The view was incredible, the company was incredible, and I couldn’t have asked for a better end to the ski trip!

We cooked a massive dinner at the flat that night while playing Settlers of Catan and then Cards Against Humanity. There was a small bout of panic when we ran out of wine and beer, but we continued to have fun regardless (yay, family!). The next morning required an early start in order to get into Geneva in time for our flights.

I’m really starting to enjoy skiing more and more as I get back into it. Of course, I still have my ups and downs, discourage myself, and have to listen to Mike tell me that he’s better than me all the time, but I’m really looking forward to more and more skiing. It’s tricky because you can’t really keep it up all year, but I’m hoping that yearly ski trips will be enough to keep me going! I also love being in the mountains – the mountainside restaurants, apres ski atmosphere, little shops, fresh mountain air. I see many many more ski trips in the future – just don’t expect to see me on any black diamonds anytime soon!

[I couldn’t stop capturing the beauty of Switzerland, even on our way out!]


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