March 2016 Bucket List

There’s something that I absolutely love about March. It brings back memories of spring breaks and the first traces of warm weather. It has the cosiness of the winter with some sun and warmth to force you outside on the weekends onto rooftops and into gardens. It’s just a perfect month!

This March brings some big travel plans – Zermatt, York, and Berlin three weekends in a row before heading back to America for a good chunk of time at the start of April! Therefore, I’ve decided to dedicate this month’s bucket list to some travel goals.



  1. Visit an old church
  2. Go to a museum I haven’t been to before
  3. Try a new local food
  4. Take more pictures with myself in them
  5. Capture an incredible view
  6. Take a travel video
  7. Do a walking tour
  8. Bring back a souvenir
  9. Go to a locals bar/pub
  10. Meet someone new

Here’s to warm weather, fantastic travels, and great company in March.

P.S. Can you believe it’s already March? 2016 is FLYING by!


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