Recap: February 2016 Bucket List

Wow – it’s amazing what you can squeeze into the shortest month of the year, especially considering I didn’t do anything special with the extra day (yay Leap years!). Between the Super Bowl and our ski trip to Colorado, this ended up being such an incredible month.

This year is honestly flying by. I was recently going through upcoming weekends with a friend and before I knew it I was into April! It’s terrifying to watch the year fly but, but as I look over the things I have planned for the coming months, I am even more excited to see what 2016 has in store for me!

Here is a quick snippet of all I’ve accomplished this month:

  1. Make a homemade pizza (using our Vitamix to make the dough)
  2. Eat at a neighborhood restaurant we haven’t been to yet
  3. Ski a full day in Colorado – 3 full days and 2 half days! I never expected to ski that much, but had so much fun and feel more confident on skis than I ever have since breaking my arm over ten years ago! I’m so excited to head to Zermatt in March and keep it going. 
  4. Walk at least 2,000 steps every day (hard when working from home!)
  5. Learn how to make poached eggs – not in a mug – I’ll admit that they didn’t turn out as great as I wanted them to, but I still feel accomplished. I have a couple more YouTube videos lined up so I can really perfect the art of poached eggs. 
  6. Finish two books
  7. Write 20 blog posts
  8. Go on a girls’ night out – It was more of a girls brunch out, but it was so nice to reunite with my high school friends as soon as I got back from Colorado. I absolutely love catching up with them, and brunch makes it even more of an experience. Plus, it was a warm sunny day – who could complain?! 
  9. Complete our at home filing system
  10. Visit a museum or exhibit in London – I visited the Vogue100 exhibit at the National Portrait Gallery and absolutely loved it! I have been meaning to write up a full review and just haven’t gotten around to it, but there is one on the way! 

March, I am so ready for you!


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