Of (P)interest This Week

I’ve come down with major wanderlust this week, which has left me struggling to get through each day without booking a trip somewhere in the world. It’s gotten to the point where I have been looking into tickets from London to “Everywhere” – thank you Skyscanner for that one!

I’m gearing up for a busy weekend here in London and then four final days of work before heading back to the good ole U. S. of A. for a ski-venture. Here are six pins that piqued my interest (or should I say Pinterest) this week. Click on the pins to get to the original post!

Favorite Travel Pin


I just bought the Lonely Planet book for Great Britain – I’ve been dying to get out and explore more of what is available right outside my door. This list right here, from Hand Luggage Only, has gotten me so excited to see more of England. These castles are absolutely stunning – who wouldn’t want to go and pretend it is their home for a few hours?!

Favorite Food Pin


One of the things I miss most about America is the terrible Chinese food we have grown to love over there. It’s so bad for you, and completely made up half the time. However, I have a huge soft spot for General Tsos chicken. So much so that I’ve learned to make it at home since moving to London. I like the idea of General Tsos cauliflower to mix it up every once in awhile – plus, it’s healthier so I can make it more often, right?

Favorite “To-Do” Pin


I’ve been trying to get back into running for quite awhile now (see – all previous Bucket Lists). Right now, it’s the cold weather that has me staying home in my pajamas instead of throwing on my sneakers and going. I like running because it is a good workout and results in a good sweat, which makes me feel accomplished. There are so many other amazing benefits though – not just to running, but working out in general. I really need to get back into a routine.

Favorite Fashion Pin


Living in London has me majorly missing J. Crew (I just cannot justify the prices here). I loved finding this pin and a couple similar ones showcasing spring styles that match my personal style profile perfectly. I would love to throw on this outfit to run around London for a day!

Favorite Design Pin

68365897862083d641d4e257f06a36af (1)

There’s something about these tassels that has me googling “tassel throws” right now – such a simple but different touch to decorating your bed. I’m going to be on the lookout for something like this so I can put away the white furry blanket every once in awhile.

Favorite Cute Pin


Part of me feels like a dog is always going to win this category, but I’ll try to make it so that isn’t this case. I couldn’t turn this one down though – that face! It also links to a great post on dog breeds that don’t shed. Between the shedding that I do, and our small flat, the last thing we need is more hair everywhere!



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