At Home Blowout Kit

Up until about age 21, I was all for the hair straightener. I loved the finished look, and I got it down to the point where it only took about 10-15 minutes to do my whole curly head. However, my hair was always gross and greasy by the end of the day. And it was absolutely fried.

I always wanted to be able to do a perfect blowout, like the ones you get at Drybar. However, I was convinced it wasn’t for me – my hair was too curly and frizzy and only a professional could deal with it!

Two years later, after many, many frustrating attempts and countless different techniques, I am confident that I have come pretty close to the perfect formula. So, to all the curly headed girls out there – give this a try!



The Protector – Blow drying your hair without spraying thermal protector first is like going to the beach without sunscreen – you’ll end up fried! I have never seen my hair so dead and dry as when I stopped using heat protector. It’s the first thing I put in my hair before doing ANYTHING.

The Defrizzer – For the curly haired folk, this is essential. There is nothing worse than finally getting your hair blow dried straight and then realizing it is a straight but frizzy mess! Add a bit more into your hair when it’s dry if you still feel it’s on the frizzy side.

The Smoother – I usually mix a straightening balm and defrizzer and work them into my hair together. The straightening balm smooths curly hair and relaxes it for easy blow drying. To be honest, I have not noticed a major difference in using straightening balm versus not using it, but I have friends who cannot go without it! It’s just become part of my routine, as well.

The Prolonger – My blowouts usually last at least three days – two without dry shampoo. On the third, I spritz a bit to bring my hair back to life. It’s just as effective of starting from scratch but cuts down on the number of blow dries in a given week. I’m at 2-3 instead of 3-4 thanks to this product! I prefer the Oscar Blandi spray, but my blonde friends love the powder. Here’s to straight, volumized hair for days!

The Healer – No matter how much product you religiously use, your hair will eventually need a break from the heat and styling. Use a deep conditioner or a hair mask to give it some life. It’s your hair’s version of a spa day! (Plus – Drybar products smell amazing!)


Clips – Sections, sections, sections! Don’t try to go at your entire head of hair at once! Start with underneath to ensure you get a nice, dry base before you start going at the bulk of it. I usually keep my bangs and the sections surrounding my face separate as well and spend a bit more time styling them. These alligator clips (the ones your hairdresser uses!) are great, but on a day to day basis I tend to use claw clips – they work just as well.

Dryer – Ah, the essential piece for a blowout. You don’t need to invest in one that costs hundreds of dollars. Find one that works for your hair!

Round Brush – I used to think the need for a round brush in blowouts was a myth, and that hairdressers just used them to look cooler. I was wrong. Round brushes make the whole process so much easier, and I can’t even tell you why! I would spend more time picking out the brush than the dryer – get one that feels good on your head and will last awhile. It’s going to become your best friend!


It’s patience. I nearly gave up on the idea of an at-home blowout on countless occasions. The first excuse was that it didn’t work with my hair. The next was that I didn’t have the time. And then that would never look as good as a professional one, so it’s not even worth it. Keep going. It turns out that, even when you’ve perfected it, it’s still going to take about 20 minutes. Keep going. Not only is it great for arm toning, but you’ll eventually find the right formula for you! I’ve gone from using my hair dryer about once and week and using a straightener seven days a week to using my hair dryer 3 times and my straightener only once or twice. And the final product is SO. MUCH. BETTER. Your hair will be feeling softer and fluffier in no time!

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