Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas (For Him & Her)

We are now under one week to Valentine’s Day, meaning that all the forgetful and procrastinating people among us need to get focused on gift purchasing. I see Valentine’s Day as the perfect day for a sweet little surprise. Many associate jewelry or chocolates with the holiday, but I just see it as another Christmas or birthday – get your loved one something they will really enjoy.

I’ve gone many Valentine’s Days without gifts, and I don’t think they are necessary to make the day special. To be honest, a card with a handwritten message means more to me than a gift straight off the shelves. However, if you are in the gift giving mood and still don’t know where to start, here are a few hints!

I selected all of these gifts from John Lewis (representing the UK market this time), but similar items are available nearly anywhere across all price points.



Boxers | Button Down | Polo | Whiskey Set | Mug

Kindle | Messenger Bag | Sunglasses


Pajama Set | Candle | FitBit | Casserole Dish

Pen | Frame | Mug | Bag


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