The Roundup: Super Bowl Snacks

I’m a huge sports fan. There’s something about throwing on a jersey, paying a ridiculous amount for some unhealthy food, and screaming along with the rest of the crowd while cheering on your favorite team. I just love the atmosphere! Watching sports on TV, though? That’s something I just don’t have the attention span for.

So when it comes to the Super Bowl, I’m one of the millions who look most forward to the food, the commercials, and the halftime show. The game gets my attention every once in a while, but it really comes down to that other stuff.


Last year was my first year in London during the Super Bowl, so I felt like it was my duty to introduce the Brits to the magic deliciousness of Super Bowl food. We didn’t even make it until the Super Bowl (it starts at 11pm here), but we had a rockstar menu of Buffalo Chicken Bites, Pigs in a Blanket, Buffalo Chicken Dip, and Wings. I felt like I was right at home and everybody else loved it!

This year we are hosting a little party and therefore making even more food, so I thought I would share our planned menu and the recipes I will be following!


I could make and taste dips for days, but for events I try to limit it to 3-4 different types. Otherwise, it just gets confusing and frustrating!

Buffalo Chicken Dip: The classic Frank’s recipe will always be my favorite when it comes to Buffalo Chicken Dip. The fat content of all of the recipes gives me anxiety while I’m making the dish, but the final product is too good to turn down! I usually use Ranch Dressing and Shredded Cheddar when I make it (based on personal preferences). Serve with tortilla chips.

Spinach & Artichoke Dip: We are making our Spinach & Artichoke Dip in the Vitamix this year to try it out. I’ve previously followed oven recipes, though and they are delicious! My favorite think about Spinach & Artichoke dip is that you can really have an endless amount of the creamy goodness and it tastes good with pretty much everything – vegetables, bread, chips, etc.

Bonus – If you’re looking for something to serve a warm dip in, this bread bowl by Delish looks amazing and so simple. Imagine eating the bread once all the dip is gone…YUM!

Homemade Guacamole: When we were in the pool in Punta Cana, we met a couple who told us the secret to make the perfect homemade guacamole. We failed to write it down and have no recollection now! However, I found a recipe on Allrecipes that seems pretty close (Vitamix not required). Serve with tortilla chips.


This is Sean’s area of expertise, but I happily devour the final results. Most of the meat dishes we make are surprisingly easy and don’t take much time at all, but they taste fantastic!


Pigs in a Blanket: In the UK, these are little sausages wrapped in bacon, so my concept of hotdogs wrapped in pastry was extremely foreign, and we struggled to figure out how we would make them. We ultimately bought hotdogs from the store, and pre-rolled pastry sheets and just cut and rolled. We cut each hot dot into three pieces for bite sized pigs. The end result was exactly what I wanted! For a greasy surprise, wrap bacon around the hot dog before wrapping it in pastry (about 1/2 strip per piece).


Buffalo Chicken Bites: We cheat on this one. I’m sure we could make them from scratch, but they are so good when we do it this way that I have no desire to try. The secret? Go buy ready made breaded chicken (we like to get stars & moons, but you can use any shape). Cook them for about half the time required, then take them out and absolutely smother them in buffalo sauce – I use Frank’s!. Then, cook them for the remainder of the required time and viola!


Wings: I previously shared my favorite recipe for Garlic Parm wings and 90% of the time we just smother wings with buffalo or barbecue sauce following our method for the buffalo bites. However, this year’s wing credit is going to go straight to BuzzFeed. We have our hearts set on trying all four recipes in this video, meaning we will have a pretty incredible wing spread on our table this year!


We are keeping it simple with Game Day beers and mimosas…in red Solo cups of course! They don’t have them over here, so my dad always brings some over because he thinks they’re funny. Naturally, we use them as the only drink holding option whenever we host American themed events (which is surprisingly often).

Note – All pictures are mine and were taken during last year’s Super Bowl on my phone. I promise my food photography has gotten better!


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