Of (P)Interest This Week

I’ve been trying to come up with a way to do a weekly roundup for quite some time. Some of my favorite blogs feature these, from “Five Things” to “On My Radar” to many many more. I started trying to use my own photos, but sometimes there are weeks where I just don’t take ANY.

One thing that has remained constant, though, has been the time I spend on Pinterest, and the categories I regularly search on Pinterest. Therefore, I’ve decided to give this one a try – my favorite pins each week!

Here are six pins that piqued my interest (or should I say Pinterest) this week! Click on the pins to get to the original post!

Favorite Travel Pin


My friend and I are currently planning a trip to Helsinki. I’ve heard nothing but amazing things, but also haven’t really heard that much when it comes to Finland. However, based on the pictures I’ve found this week, I’m amazed. Look at this church! Is that not one of the most incredible things you’ve ever seen?

Favorite Food Pin


I recently started working from home and quickly learned that my house gets COLD during the day. I’m a bit stubborn and do not want to turn the heat on all day when we have gotten so good at keeping our bills down, but at the same time I can’t stand having to add layer after layer as the day goes on. I’ve spent many hours browsing warm recipes as a result and am eager to try all of these soups.

Favorite “To-Do” Pin


I won’t say I love hiking, but I also don’t hate it. If I go at a leisurely pace, I actually really like it. It’s a great workout and the views are often amazing! I have not done any hiking in England yet, but seeing this list makes me want to pack up and go this weekend.

Favorite Fashion Pin


I’ve been bitten by the stripes bug. I’ve always erred on the side of a simpler and timeless wardrobe, and stripes fit into that perfectly. I love how they can go to comfy casual to business casual with a change of bottoms, or from a day running errands to a night out with the change of an accessory. I’ve got my eye on a spring wardrobe consisting of as many of these J. Crew t-shirts as my wallet will allow me.

Favorite Design Pin

3a9380c3a665ac940814b62b69cc9e2dOur house is really starting to come together, but we are still missing nightstands. This is bad for me because I do not have someplace to put my glass of water. This is bad for Sean because he does not have a place to store the random junk he likes to keep. I love these ideas for making the nightstand another design piece in the house – great for a small flat!

Favorite Cute Pin


Considering the Super Bowl does not start until 11pm UK time, I’m really looking forward to the Puppy Bowl, which actually starts at a decent hour. They’ve released the line up and these dogs are honestly the cutest things ever! The best thing is these are all puppies from shelters to encourage adoption – and they all usually get adopted, so it’s a great cause.


I would love to know your thoughts on making this a weekly feature! And please share anything that caught your eye this week 🙂


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