Culinary Delights

I’ve decided I am going to make this post a weekly thing. I’m starting to spend more and more time in the kitchen and would love to share what I’ve been making. I’m not quite to the point where I can come up with a brilliant recipe on my own, but between Gousto and altering other recipes slightly, I have established some pretty great regular meals in our small, London kitchen.

Plus, I take so many pictures of my food and need to do something with them!

This week’s Gousto meals: Korean Beef, Lamb Pasta, and Veggie Chilli

My favorite? It’s a toss up between the beef and the pasta! The veggie chilli had much more flavor than I was expecting, but the beef was unlike anything I’ve tasted before! And lamb on pasta? Brilliant!


My other favorites were our weekend brunch (crunchy kale and a fried egg on toast) and fajita bowls, which I turned into a lunch salad the next day!

Our kale turned out a bit too crunchy, but still had all the right flavors. We added a side of roasted sweet potatoes to take a small breakfast dish and transform it into a Sunday brunch that would last us all the way until dinner!

I got this Fajita Bowl recipe from Diethood, but we marinated the chicken overnight using a Vitamix recipe and threw some black beans into the dish.

As a bonus, I got a sweet surprise this morning in my breakfast. Now that I am working from home, Sean and I get the occasional nice morning in together on the days that he has off. This morning, that meant a Full English!


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