February 2016 Bucket List

Oh, February. The coldest month of the year (is that a fact?). The month where you’re cold and miserable, but expected to celebrate love. The month where most of us neglect our New Years Resolutions. The last month we have to push through before the weather starts changing for the better.

I’m quite looking forward to this February. I’m back in London at the moment, then headed for Colorado for a week long ski trip before popping back to Virginia to see in March.

So, here we go!

February Bucket List

  1. Make a homemade pizza (using our Vitamix to make the dough)
  2. Eat at a neighborhood restaurant we haven’t been to yet
  3. Ski a full day in Colorado
  4. Walk at least 2,000 steps every day (hard when working from home!)
  5. Learn how to make poached eggs – not in a mug
  6. Finish two books
  7. Write 20 blog posts
  8. Go on a girls’ night out
  9. Complete our at home filing system
  10. Visit a museum or exhibit in London

Lots of eating and small, personal goals. Sean and I are heading to Trader Vic’s, a very special restaurant for us, on Valentine’s Day, so mixing it up and visiting a restaurant we haven’t been to as well will be really nice. There are still so many that I want to try!

Is there anything you are looking forward to doing/accomplishing this month?



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