Recap: January 2016 Bucket List



If you review the list below, it’s going to look like I had a very slow start to my year. After all, I ticked off one thing…and it involves an event that hasn’t even happened yet. Here I was, all excited that I finally had a list I could easily accomplish, and I forgot all about it! However, I am not going to fret over the things I didn’t do, but rather celebrate the things I did do!

  1. Go see a movie with my dad
  2. Publish another professional article on LinkedIn
  3. Start a meditation program – and actually stick to it
  4. Start running again…even if I just go on one run!
  5. Plan a Super Bowl party to host in London
  6. Upgrade my professional wardrobe with practical, timeless pieces
  7. Attend a class or one-on-one Genius appointment at the Apple Store to learn something new about my MacBook
  8. Learn how to use Microsoft Outlook to maximize efficiency and the flow of information from one app to another
  9. Take the dogs on a walk…at least the two little ones
  10. Visit one of the local Virginia wineries with the girls


Things I did in January 2016 (not featured on the bucket list):

  1. Started a new job
  2. Spent quality time with my parents
  3. Reunited with my high school friends
  4. Visited Sara in New York City
  5. Started tackling my finances…and created a monthly budget
  6. Survived a blizzard!
  7. Took incredibly adorable pictures of my pups
  8. Witnessed an incredible Virginia sunrise
  9. Planned a weekend trip to Zermatt with my brother (and a few tagalong friends)
  10. Attended not just one, but two Caps games, supporting my favorite team

Now, I’m back in London for the month and gearing up for an incredible 2016 of positive personal changes, plenty of time with family and friends, and lots of travel! My February Bucket List is in the works – and filled with lots of food and adventure!



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