Reading List

I’ve recently taken the time to bring reading back into my life. I’ve always loved a good book – “good” classified as anything from a YA novel in which I fall in love with the cheesy love story, to a self-help type book, to books by or about my favorite celebrities. I try to build my reading list off of top sellers, non-fiction books of interest, and a few fun, quick ones thrown in every once in awhile. I was quick to let work and play take over my life and forgot to take time for myself – to just curl up in fuzzy socks on the couch with a glass of wine and my iPad – the Kindle app loaded up (I’m not going to lie about how it’s done!).
Now, I’m back at it! I just finished reading The Miniaturist and am well into Among the Ten Thousand Things. After an eight hour plane ride reading through magazines recommending books and reviewing a long list I have already started, I have finally settled on the next six books I think I will read. This list is subject to, and most definitely will, change.

The Girl on the Train

Financially Fearless

Me Before You

A monthly bucket list. A travel list. A “to-read” list. I guess the New Year has me in the looking forward mood (and the planning mood which never ends in anything except eight fully planned trips and three party mood boards).


One thought on “Reading List

  1. thebookorchids January 26, 2016 / 3:38 pm

    I’ve heard that “The Girl On A Train” is great book, it’s on my reading list too! Good luck with there books tho 🙂

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