Blizzard Survival Kit

  [Screens apparently meant nothing during this storm! Our summer haven became an igloo.]
I absolutely love the snow. There’s something about the idea of bundling up and getting all cozy inside while it’s absolutely freezing outside, but still having the liberty to go outside and run in the snow if you feel like it. It’s also a great excuse to open – and finish – a bottle of wine.

With #Blizzard2016 well under way, I thought it would be useful to put together a list of my favorite ways to survive the time stuck inside. I unfortunately spent the weekend binge watching The Good Wife instead of getting back to London thanks to this blizzard, but I’m looking on the positive side here.

Get Cozy!

Leggings, a big chunky sweater, and a hot cup of coffee. The corner of the couch and a warm blanket. These things are key for any lazy day at home, but especially when there’s a chill in the air and snow on the ground!  [Pajamas are acceptable as well…and lots of puppy snuggles!]

Pick a New Show

I’m not going to act like streaming isn’t a key part of snow days. Back in high school, it was Greek!, then The OC. Now, I’m hooked on The Good Wife. I prefer starting a new show when I know I’m going to be stuck at home for awhile because that means I can get really invested from the beginning and keep watching until I finally leave the house without running out of episodes.

Start a Project

This blizzard has been a rather lazy one for me, probably because I’ve been going non-stop since landing in the States between work and visiting friends and family. Therefore, my project this time was cleaning out the coat closet with my dad. And, oh!, it is beautiful now.

Open a Bottle of Wine

Not even going to explain this one. Go for a crisp white to match the weather or a smooth red to warm your insides. Or whiskey if you’re into that!

Pretend You’re Young Again

Play in the snow! Only if you’re brave enough, though.

On another note, I’ve come to realize that dogs in snow might be the cutest thing ever! So, it may be a long shot, but Get Yourself a Dog falls on the list as well.


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