January 2016 Bucket List

I’m not one for resolutions that can be measured, but still promise myself the usuals at the beginning of each year – to eat healthier, work out more, travel more, be nicer, etc. I never really reflect on these, but pretty much just set them again the following year. I mean, there’s always room for improvement, am I right? These monthly lists, though, help me actually reflect on the goals I set each month and which I’m able to achieve. I’m not surprised that I achieve many more of the social goals than I do of the personal wellbeing goals, so maybe I’ll make my 2016 resolution to focus more on my wellbeing.

I’m outside of London for the majority of January, at home in Virginia starting my new job and visiting old friends. And snuggling with my dogs…a lot! With this Bucket List, I hope to kick start my new professional life, hit all of my favorite Virginia haunts, and ensure 2016 is off to a great start.

January Bucket List.jpg


  1. Go see a movie with my dad
  2. Publish another professional article on LinkedIn
  3. Start a meditation program – and actually stick to it
  4. Start running again…even if I just go on one run!
  5. Plan a Super Bowl party to host in London
  6. Upgrade my professional wardrobe with practical, timeless pieces
  7. Attend a class or one-on-one Genius appointment at the Apple Store to learn something new about my MacBook
  8. Learn how to use Microsoft Outlook to maximize efficiency and the flow of information from one app to another
  9. Take the dogs on a walk…at least the two little ones
  10. Visit one of the local Virginia wineries with the girls


Career. Brain. Health. Friends. Family. Fun! I think I’ve managed to squeeze it all into this list and honestly think this could be the first month I hit 10/10!

I’m so looking forward to a bit of unwinding at home while simultaneously jumping into the next stage in my career. I think I could leave Virginia at the end of the month feeling like a brand new person!


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