Our First Christmas

Sean and I often  joke about falling into a routine since we moved in together – lazy weekends at home where the bed never gets made, weekday evenings on the couch with a home cooked dinner and wine, and free time spent looking at furniture to finish all of the decorating. So it’s always a little treat to remember that, in the midst of all of the routine, we are still going through plenty of firsts.

This holiday season was our first together…well, in the same country actually with each other. And it was so much fun! From my panic to decorate starting the first of December, to Sean’s last minute gift wrapping, we definitely made plenty of memories and started a few things which are bound to become traditions.

Some of my favorite parts of this holiday season with Sean:

1 – Picking out the tree. I just couldn’t accept the lack of branches toward the top of all of the trees…so I finally had to accept the tree for what it is, and now I love it!

2 – Decoration shopping in Alsace – we had already put up our tree and the main ornaments, so we used our team in Strasbourg to get a few things that really mean a lot to us and that can stay in our Christmas collection for Christmases to come!

3 – Wine and cheese…there was a lot of this. On Mondays, on Saturday afternoons, on nights in with friends, and on lazy nights in with each other. There’s nothing better than a cheese and charcuterie platter, the scent of a Christmas candle, and the tree all lit up in its glory.

4 – Family time. My dad visited for Christmas, and we had a blast celebrating the season with him!

[My dad’s hotel was doing a 12 days of Christmas campaign and asked us to participate in a picture…give a bunch of adults drum sticks and some pots and just see what happens]

5 – Christmas week food. Afternoon tea at the Corinthia, Christmas Eve Chinese at Hutong, Christmas turkey at the Falcon. So. Delicious.

This has definitely been an exhausting holiday season, but I couldn’t have enjoyed it more…and I cannot wait for it to be even better next year!

[Our friend Anastasia joined us for Christmas dinner at The Falcon]


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