Festive at Home

I always loved decorating for Christmas, but there is something about having your own home that makes it even better. Sean and I bought our first real tree, went out and got a bunch of ornaments from John Lewis, and then have slowly started to make our home feel festive with little bits and bobs.

I was a bit torn when it came to the tree because I love matching trees, but I also love personal trees. I tried to make ours a bit of both by starting with some basic ornaments, picking a few that we really liked, and then leaving room for us to add more as we go on. We picked up the tree from Venn Street Market and Sean will be the first to tell you how annoying I was about it – we knew we needed a 7footer, but trees here seem different from trees in the U.S. – not as full at the top! So we have a 7footer but I think it’s actually 5 feet tree and 2 feet the top stem. It looks a bit sad but I love it anyway!


[Hope got us these adorable polar bear ornaments – one for Sean, one for me! Thank you Hope and Selfridges!]


We’ve focused mainly on the living room for our Christmas decorating, so mainly the tree and the bookcase. I even snuck a Winter Spice candle from John Lewis onto the coffee table, so the room smells like Christmas. We’ve been making Christmas meals in the kitchen and discussing Christmas plans in the bedroom, but nothing beats sitting in the living room in the center of it all. I cannot wait to watch our Christmas decoration collection grow together more and more each year!

Next on the list….stockings.


[Between birthdays, the new home, and Christmas, we have received so much love from family and friends!]


[Lucy got us the “There’s snow place like home at Christmas” sign and I used the tray from our Thanksgiving centerpiece to make something for the holiday season]

[We picked up this guy in Strasbourg, as well – it holds a tea light but I just like the little reminder of our travels regardless!]

[I’m even getting into the spirit myself with these amazing polar bear socks that I’ve been wearing around the house]




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