Alsace Roadtrip

On our final day in Strasbourg, Mike and Sarah had to get up early to make their flight, so Sean and I decided to make use of the car and do a roadtrip throughout the Alsace region. I do not even know the names of all of the tiny towns we drove through (and cannot pronounce any of them!), but they were all gorgeous and each one different from the others.

We used the Lonely Planet France book to select each destination, and managed to stop in the following: Obernai, Mittelbergheim, Itterswiller, Dambach-la-Ville, Bergheim, Hunawihr, Riquewehr – and it’s very possible I missed a few!


[A final goodbye to Strasbourg]


[Those mountains!]


[Do you see that chateau up at the top?]


[Pretty much the whole town on a sign]

Between Dambach-la-Ville and Bergheim, we made a stop at Chateau du Haut Koenigsbourg, which presented stunning views over the region. We did not stay long or go inside the Chateau (we’ve been in so many!) but made sure to stop for a couple of photos.


Once we hit Bergheim, we were desperate for lunch but ran into the same problem we had been running into throughout the entire trip. Everywhere was full! Even in these tiny towns, where there wasn’t even a car on the road, the restaurants were booked. We gave up after Riquewehr and headed for Basel, Switzerland, thinking we could find something there before our flight.


[If this little house isn’t straight out of a fairytale then I don’t know what is!]


After poor navigation on my part (assisted by loss of signal) and extreme frustration on Sean’s, we made it to Basel, parked, and picked a restaurant. We were only in Basel for about two hours, but the Christmas markets were going on, so it was a nice and spirited way to end our trip.


I was hesitant that driving would get boring, but I was so into snapping pictures the entire time (through the car window most of the time), and we ended up stopping for at least a view in almost each of the towns. I definitely want to go back and spend a longer time in each town – with wine tasting, B&B stays and meal reservations booked!

My only regret? We did not have any Swiss Francs, so missed out on the Basel mulled wine cups for our new collection…and they were incredible!


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