Strasbourg Christmas Markets

My sister-in-law and I have birthdays which are two days apart. We also both live in Europe at the moment. So, naturally, a birthday weekend trip seemed completely necessary, with Mike and Sean in tow.

Mike kept the location as a surprise from Sarah at first, but I really wanted to go to a Christmas market, and so did she, so we decided on Strasbourg. I honestly did not know what to expect, but read that they had the best Christmas markets, and was therefore very excited (I’m a huge Christmas nut if I haven’t mentioned it before).

Sean and I arrived into Basel late on Thursday night and rented a car to drive to Strasbourg. We decided to hire a car so we could have flexibility on seeing areas outside of Strasbourg..and because we were not 100% convinced we would make the last train. This was the best decision we made by far! After a somewhat stressful drive and a fifteen minutes out in the cold until Mike woke up, we arrived at the Airbnb very ready for sleep.


The Airbnb was interesting…two bedrooms meant one massive room with a curtain down the middle, with two single beds in one of the areas. Not ideal for two couples…but hey, there was a nice view! I definitely wouldn’t stay there again, but it served it’s purpose for the most part and was very clean. The worst part was that it was  not the one we actually booked, but another one run by the same people, so there was plenty of confusion.


We woke up early the next day ready to conquer the Strasbourg Christmas markets…and we did. I don’t even think we got around to all of them, but we went to so many, drank plenty of mulled wine in the process, and truly took in all of the Christmas cheer.


While the markets were the main sights of the day, we also visited the Cathedral and the Hospital Wine Cellar…which has a barrel of wine from 1472!

The only mistake we made was not thinking about reservations for our meals. We were in Petit France for lunch and tried about four restaurants before we actually found one that could seat us…at lunch time! It was a traditional style restaurant with delicious food – escargot and potatoes gratin to start, with rooster and spaetzel as the main meal. We quickly found that all of the restaurants in all of the towns in the region were completed booked for lunches – must be the holiday season.


For dinner, we went to a small Italian restaurant for pizza, pasta, and of  course wine! We were absolutely exhausted after non-stop walking so headed back to the Airbnb to get a good amount of sleep before our busy day the next day.


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