Crazy Golf at Waterloo

I absolutely love miniature golf. Or, as the English put it, crazy golf. It reminds me of Myrtle Beach Thanksgivings with the family and summers with friends at the Shore. We had a blast with mini golf, trying to find the shortcuts and always fighting for the lowest score.

So, when I found out that there was a crazy golf pop up opening in London, I knew I had to go. Lucy mentioned it for a girls weekday night out and I jumped at the opportunity – to Birdies we went.

Birdies is located by Waterloo station in the vaults. It has a very underground, edgy feel. You walk into a warehouse looking room, which has been converted into a bar with the crazy golf to the side. It was all in the same room, so you could see everyone playing mini golf in the sectioned off area and it had a great atmosphere.

We had such a blast playing the tricky, “crazy” holes. I don’t mean to brag, but I won! And to top it off, there were delicious hotdogs and some ice cream at the end. I’m now on a mission to find all the other crazy golf places in the area (Sean and I have played once before where I also won, so I guess I’m a pro).



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