Oops…I Did it Again!

I changed my blog name. Again. From The Corporate Vagabond to Kelly, Unwrapped! to The Kelly Hogan Kronicle. That’s “Chronicle” with a K! I think this one is here to stay…but a couple of months will tell.

Websters defines chronicle (n): a description of events in the order that they happened.

So here we are. Kronicle (n): A description of events that happened, often out of order, and a description of plans that may or may not happen; a look into my daily life.

Tell it to the masses that this blog has changed! Here’s to more frequent posting, less dreaming and more doing, and a grown up, more appropriate (I mean…unwrapped, seriously?) take on life! And here’s to age 23 (in a week, at least)!

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