Recap: November 2015 Bucket List

Welp – it’s here! The end of November, that is. Here’s a recap on my November Bucket List – the things I did accomplish and the things I didn’t quite get to. I actually had a lot of fun with this this month and am looking forward to doing it again!

  1. Set aside time to read – and actually finish – a book (something I have not had a chance to do in way too long!) Well, this one gets a kind of. I’ve actually read more this month than I have in a while, but still have not managed to make it through a book. I’m currently reading The Miniaturist, which started out a bit slow for my liking but is quickly turning into a book I cannot put down! P.s. I’m trying to get the hang of Goodreads, where I hope to eventually update my current reading adventures.
  2. Attend the opening night of an event Megan and I attended Winter Wonderland the night before it opened (I think that counts?) – probably the only perk of having an office in an underground car park! I absolutely love Winter Wonderland and it was amazing being there when there weren’t that many people. We checked out the Ice Palace and stopped for some mulled wine at the Carousel Bar. I will definitely be back!          
  3. Host a Friendsgiving It was a huge success. You can read about the prep leading up to it (here, here, and here), as well as the final product. This will be an annual thing if I have anything to say about it!
  4. Create a flower arrangement to bring some color into the house – I didn’t create my own. I bought one from the store. There’s always December!
  5. Dine at a winter-themed pop up restaurant At the beginning of the month, Sean and I had date night at The Lodge in Clapham. It’s so close to us and has a wonderful Alpine vibe – not to mention the fondue was delicious! I’m already scouting out all of the fondue places in London for next month.IMG_4510
  6. Attend a meet up or get together with a new group of friends – Unfortunately, this one did not work out, although there were plans for it to. I’ve found a group of Thetas in London and I am really looking forward to meeting them all..we just have to find a time that works for all of us!
  7. Start (and follow) a 10K training plan – It was obvious this one wasn’t going to happen. Once again, there’s always December!
  8. Make a meal in the crock pot – I’m not sure if this one counts, since we did start a meal in the crock pot…we just didn’t eat it.
  9. Write 20 blog posts (not quite striving for one per day yet!) – Am I at 20? Does this one count? I don’t think I quite made 20, but this is the most I’ve written in any month, so that’s progress!
  10. Finish the living room so it is finally a pleasant living space for us and for visitors! All that’s left to do is hang the map, once it arrives. But the bookcase makes a huge difference – I’ll be sharing some pictures soon.

Some more things happened in November that were unplanned, but just as noteworthy in the personal development world:

  1. I quit my job (and lined up a new one!)
  2. We finally put away our drying rack after what seemed like a month and a half straight of washing hanging there
  3. I’m finally exploring more in the kitchen and getting the hang of home cooking. Hopefully it will result in major cost savings in December!

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