Things I’m Loving

After having everyone over for Friendsgiving last Sunday, I knew I was doomed to be tired the entire week. However, that did not keep major things from happening, so this post is a bit of a life update mixed with things I’m loving!

New Beginnings

I resigned from my first official job this past week, marking a major milestone in my professional life! My friend, Lucy, recently did as well and is planning on going traveling starting in the end of December. I’ve spoken to a lot of friends recently who are all making post first job plans. It’s an exciting time for us all and definitely calls for a celebration! Lucy and I celebrated this past week with some prosecco at Madisons.

I will be heading back to America to train for my new job in January and I am so excited to see my dogs and friends…and start a new adventure!

Christmas Shopping

Everybody knows that I love Christmas. I love picking out gifts even more! While I obviously love receiving gifts, the satisfaction of somebody liking a gift I give them is even better! Therefore, I start planning Christmas gifts well in advance (still in November). I’ve been perusing websites and shops trying to find the best gift for each person in my life. I’ve even been picking out wrapping paper and gift bags (another favorite). The festive season is here!!

The Guest Book

Sean and I were not 100% convinced in getting a guest book. It was more my idea than his, solely because I think they’re adorable and I want to be the best hostess in every situation. But we are absolutely loving it! Everybody who came over for the wine tasting and Friendsgiving signed it, plus a few extra entries here and there. And it is so fun going back to read everyone’s entries. We really do have some amazing friends! Can’t wait for my dad to sign at Christmas!

2015-11-22 14.47.48


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