Thanksgiving Leftovers

After an amazing feast on Sunday, Sean and I have been trying to make the leftovers last as long as possible. We started running out of or throwing away side dishes, but managed to fill our dinners with turkey and stuffing for pretty much the entire week. I actually think my favorite part of Thanksgiving might be the abundance of leftovers!

On Monday, we essentially had Thanksgiving, Round 2 in our lunch boxes. We were still very eager at this point, so also had Thanksgiving for dinner and started making turkey noodle soup with the leftover bones and carcass. The carcass didn’t fit in our crock pot, so we pretty much just threw in anything we could find (including leftover vegetables and spices) to create something that resembled a soup. To be honest, this one looked good, but never actually got eaten (we gave up somewhere along the way).


Then, on actual Thanksgiving, we picked up some microwaveable side dishes, invited Hope over, and knocked out a couple bottles of wine in typical American fashion. We also watched the dog show…only to find out it was actually the wrong dog show (still super cute though).


I’m so thankful to have these two in my life each and every day – and to finally have a US friend just a quick tube ride away! I’m also so eager to celebrate more holidays in London -starting with the Christmas festive season!


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