Friendsgiving: The Week Before

I intended to do a lot to plan Friendsgiving this past weekend, but did not get out of bed on Saturday, which really did not help the whole process. However, I did manage to get some things done which will hopefully help get everything prepared next week!

Errands: Food

“American food” is hard to find in London. Basic Thanksgiving things such as canned pumpkin and fried onions are not so easy to come by in normal grocery stores. Thankfully, Partridges has a little Thanksgiving section in the front of the store which has it all. I stopped there over the weekend to get the important ingredients (and the things I am not 100% sure I can find elsewhere) so we do not have any emergency food runs over the weekend.

Errands: Decorations & Table Settings

I have been trying to find items to help create a fall-themed centrepiece for awhile no, with little luck. I ordered some acorns from Amazon, but cannot find the other items I need. While I picked up the table runner, tablecloths, and napkins this weekend, I still do not have the rest of the centrepiece. I’m weighing this one as extremely important since it will bring nice life to our folding tables, so have become quite stressed. Who knows – I might end up picking sticks and leaves up outside and including them!

I stopped at Peter Jones to pick up the table runner and a few other things, and obviously got sidetracked and bought other things I did not need. Specifically, a polar bear mug (see below). I couldn’t resist…I mean look at that thing!


Cleaning the House

This is the prep that I completely failed at this weekend. I did some laundry, and washed all the dishes, but could not be bothered to do a full deep clean. The house needs a good sweep and wipe down before we have fourteen people over, so I need to prioritize that this week.




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