Ravioli Obsession

I love Italian food. It’s a great go to and I have my signature favorites, such as tortellini, macaroni and cheese, and lasagna. Ravioli had kind of fallen off my chart because I was tired of the same flavor every time and the heaviness of the tomato sauce with it. Recently, it’s become mine and Sean’s go to (like once a week)!

Instead of making the traditional ravioli, we have been making special ones (spinach & ricotta, butternut squash & sage, etc.) and topping them with olive oil, parmesan, and black pepper. It results in the perfect flavors and the perfect, light weekend meal. I mentioned previously that I found a great ravioli from Partridges and have since developed a liking for more pairings (available in any grocery store, really). They’re freshly made, so only take 2-3 minutes to cook, which is perfect for lazy nights or late night dinners.

They all pretty much look like this, with different stuff on the inside:


It looks a bit bland, but is so yummy! Sean’s sister bought us a great olive oil as a housewarming gift, which could be part of it, but for some reason the oil, cheese, and pepper combo just works. I definitely think this one will remain as a weekly meal!


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