Things I’m Loving

The past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind of decorating the house, preparing for Thanksgiving, and looking forward to the winter holidays. I’m driving Sean crazy planning winter date nights and Megan and I have spent a good half hour each day brainstorming ideas for a company Christmas party. It’s definitely the festive season which leaves us busier than ever.

Here are some things I’m currently loving:

The John Lewis Christmas Advert

This one is a given, and has been on my “things I’m loving” list since the day it premiered. I still can’t watch it without crying, but it embodies the Christmas spirit in so many ways! John Lewis always wins when it comes to Christmas advertisements and this year did not disappoint!

Christmas In London

I was having a debate with my friend the other day about whether Christmas is better in London or New York. I vote London all the way because it is absolutely magical, and I am LOVING it! This is my first Christmas season living in London, so I am trying to embrace it as much as possible. There are lights and trees everywhere, winter themed bars and restaurants in every neighborhood, and endless lists of winter-y things to do in the city. The feeling is festive everywhere we go, and it’s not even December! I’m so excited to experience Christmas wholly next month.

I’m loving the Covent Garden Christmas lights –

IMG_4573 IMG_4577


We’ve known each other since sophomore year of college and became fast friends.I studied abroad in Dublin and Hope followed a year later. I moved to London and Hope followed eight months later. She’s not a copy cat; we are literally just the same person. Let me tell you – having an American ally in big, scary London is a HUGE PLUS. I feel like we just started taking advantage of her being here this month, and it’s completely changed things. Now I always have a drinking partner, and after work drinks partner, and a drunk brunch partner. Oh sorry…we go to museums and shop, too. #onlyfriend


[We’re soulmates, really]


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