Last Week’s Failures

Last week was a funny week, actually quite hilarious, looking back on it. I don’t consider myself a pessimist (more a realist), but I think it’s important to acknowledge failures and bring them to light. I don’t think “fail” is a bad word; it’s a constructive word and it can be used in so many contexts. Sean and I had three major plans last week that all foiled tragically. We did not necessarily notice them at the time, but it’s funny to look back and realize how badly everything we planned last week actually went:

Cooking at Home

There was an £80 Sainsbury order placed, and four meals planned out of it. We were aiming to save money, try some new recipes, and spend quality time cooking at home. The only meal we actually made was the frozen pizza. We also went to Bodean’s for barbecue one night, and spent £18 each at Shake Shack. Not healthy and definitely not cheap.

We revisited the cook at home thing this weekend, only to find that pretty much everything we had bought had gone off…or at least the important things (the avocado). It looks like another grocery order is needed.

[The one meal we did end up getting around to making ended up being so spicy that I couldn’t bear to eat more than half of it!]

Mulled Wine Festival

Yelp was hosting a free mulled wine festival at Covent Garden on Thursday and it 100% tickled my fancy. Hope and I made a simple plan – meet at Shake Shack at 6:30, eat dinner, go to the festival, drink mulled wine. I got to Shake Shack late. Sean decided to join and got there even later. We finally left Shake Shack at 8:15 to arrive at the Mulled Wine Festival. It closed at 9:00 and we only wanted a drink or two, so we still had plenty of time. We loaded the entry ticket in our Yelp apps, and walked up to the entrance…they were at capacity. How, you ask? Probably because they allocated a tiny fenced in area to the festival. Poor planning on their part. Tragic result on ours.

[We at least got to see some nice Christmas lights/figurines while walking away from the Mulled Wine Festival]

Our backup plan was to pop into the pub around the corner for a drink. We weren’t even expecting mulled wine, but saw it on the chalkboard menu when we walked in and got excited. Sean put in the order, only to have the bartender turn around to us and say they just started a new pot so it was warming. It was not our day to get mulled wine!

The Bookcase

This is the one that makes me want to cry. Everyone knows about my desperation to get our bookcase set up and styled. We spent weeks looking for the perfect one and never appeared to get our way. The first one we picked would have been too narrow for the space we need to fill, the next one wouldn’t be delivered until Christmas. We finally settled on a basic bookcase from Ikea that fit the dimensions we needed perfectly and actually ended up coming together very nicely. It was gorgeous for an Ikea piece and really fit the room. But it didn’t fit. Seriously. I had measured repeatedly and was sure it would, but the chip in our wall proves otherwise.

[So close…but so far. And that’s a nice chip in the wall up at the top. We have quickly learned that our walls are more fragile than you’d think]


The Turn-Around

In an act of frustration and desperation, I immediately picked out a subpar bookcase from Argos that I really didn’t like. The next day, while shopping for other things at Habitat, Sean found a different one that we ended up going with, completely abandoning our Argos reservation. And it looks great! A post on that to follow.

We are slightly back on track to eating healthy, and our living room (soon to be converted to a dining room) will almost be done for our Friendsgiving on Sunday. Things are turning around!


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