At Home Wine Tasting with Pieroth

If you know Sean and I, you know that we might as well be a sixty year old couple. We set an early bedtime, spend our weekends planning our online grocery order, and attend events such as the Ideal Home Show. Back in April, we went to the Ideal Home Show and spent hours walking around aimlessly. As we were about to call it a day, we came across the tasting area for Pieroth Wines. When asked if we wanted to taste some wines, Sean politely declined and I quickly backtracked and said “Yes – yes we do want to taste some wines.”

We sat down for about half an hour and tasted a couple different reds before purchasing a full case. The case was delivered to my work and I struggled to lug it home on the tube (realistically, Sean met me at the tube and carried it home from there). Since then, we have happily been working our way through the twelve bottles (plus all of the bottles bought while traveling). Because we bought a case, we were informed that we could have an at home wine tasting at no cost. With the moving and everything, we decided to hold off until we were settled in the house. Coincidentally, in October they release their Christmas wine collection, so it worked out perfectly!

We hosted our at-home wine tasting on Monday evening after work. Four of our friends joined us and I made some special nibbles for the occasion (this pumpkin dip, a cheese platter, oven egg rolls, and my favorite courgette, prosciutto, and brie crostinis). We. Had. A. Blast.


[The food spread – we made slightly too much pumpkin dip. Only slightly]

Steve, the Pieroth representative, showed up with fourteen different wines for us to try. FOURTEEN! Honestly, I was expecting eight at the most, but believe me – I wasn’t complaining! We tried four whites, three German whites, one rose, one chilled red, and five reds. He told us some incredibly interesting facts about the wine and there wasn’t a single one that I disliked, so I was in heaven. The German whites had a really cool story attached to them, especially the Nacht Diamant. The whites and rose were good, but it’s not my season for them. I naturally wanted all of the reds.

The best part is that Steve told me I could have three at home wine tastings a year at no cost (he also mentioned a free bottle of my favorite one of their wines so there’s that)! One for their spring collection, one for the summer, and one for the fall/winter. It’s safe to say I will be hosting all three next year! Sean and I ended up buying another case (six bottles of the chilled red and six bottles of an Australian red) that we will be sure to utilise during Thanksgiving. Although Pieroth does not have any stores, I really like having a general wine contact readily available for events and bulk wine purchases (they deliver quickly as well!).

I was not sure what to expect with a home wine tasting, but was pleasantly surprised. I look forward to hosting more in the future, and would love to continue with Pieroth. I highly recommend all of my wine lovers check it out as well (they’re worldwide).


[The wine tasting gang – selfie cred to Thomas]

p.s. We are attending the Ideal Home Show at Christmas and while we probably won’t need to buy a new case of wine yet, I’ll be posting about the show and the items we do end up buying (Vitamix, anyone!?)

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  1. Mara November 15, 2015 / 3:16 am

    This looked like so much fun! Thanks for the inspiration. – Mara @

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