Marisa Visits London

To say I am behind on blog posts would be a major understatement. There has been so much I have wanted to share, but I have been so busy, and THANKFULLY did not open my laptop once on holiday last week. I had taken it with me hoping to get some posts drafted, but in hindsight am so happy the laptop went untouched (I needed that!). Also, I have been suffering from major Wi-Fi issues meaning I cannot post at home.

Back when I did my posts on Marseille (and this), Marisa was in town visiting. She is the first visitor to the new house (!) which is both a great thing and a terrible thing. Great because I missed her and was so happy to have a visitor; terrible because the house was in a dreadful state of Ikea parts lingering in every corner and unpacked bags/suitcases everywhere. Plus, we don’t have a sofa bed, which is a separate problem in itself.

Marisa went up to Edinburgh for a couple of days, so thankfully she was not stuck on the camping mattress every night of the visit. Between her being gone and me having work, we really only had one full day to spend with each other in London. And we definitely made the most out of it!

A Perfect Day in London:

  • Shopping
  • Afternoon Tea (with free flowing prosecco!)
  • A scenic walk (to walk off the tea, of course)
  • A London night out

I would like to mention that we did all of the above without even an outfit change or a nap. I was still recovering from being sick so super #proud of that fact.

We started our day shopping on Brick Lane. I’m quite over the high streets, and Marisa wanted to do some vintage shopping, so it was a nice change of pace that pleased us both. We also had a (very) late breakfast at a café on Brick Lane called Fika – it is so adorable and cozy inside!

IMG_3980 IMG_3981

In the afternoon, we met Hope for afternoon tea. I love trying new places for tea, but struggled to find something with availability on such short notice (I was booking on Thursday…oops). I was able to get a reservation at Conrad St. James London Hotel for their autumn-themed tea. I was skeptical, but they advertised free flowing champagne, so I was sold.

I’m so happy we went with the Conrad, because the tea was beautifully presented, they refilled our prosecco after pretty much every sip, and it was a lovely atmosphere for the three of us to catch up. The autumn-themed desserts were also to die for! My favorite thing is that it put us in the perfect position to go for a nice scenic walk afterward, to show Marisa some of the sights she did not have a chance to see during her visit.

IMG_3984 IMG_3986 IMG_3993 IMG_3997

[I was so into the autumn themed dessert cake…the pumpkin cheesecake was to die for!]

IMG_3989 IMG_3990 IMG_4002

We walked through St. James Park all the way to Buckingham Palace, and then back through the park to Westminster so she could see Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. We then walked along Embankment to evening views of the London Eye before settling into Tattershall Castle for a couple of drinks. It’s a boat turned bar in front of the London Eye that we honestly couldn’t pass up!

IMG_4028 IMG_4023 IMG_4013 IMG_4062

[She’s a really good tourist, isn’t she?]


IMG_4085 IMG_4090

We finished the night with a couple of drinks at Mabel’s in Covent Garden and then I opened up the girls to the Roadhouse experience. It’s such a funny place – not classy whatsoever – but when they have a live band on and you are with good friends there is little that is better.

I still feel bad about being such a miserable (and sick) host for Marisa’s visit, but am beyond happy she came. Now, as soon as the house is ready, I expect everyone else to visit as well!

p.s. When I say we only had one full day, I mean one full day but two nights. On Friday night, we took Marisa to our favorite fish & chips place and then showed her a (calm) night out in Clapham. Hope showed up as well and we were matching, as usual.


[The whole matching issue – I swear we didn’t plan it!]

IMG_0011 IMG_0015

[We struggle to get good photos]


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