Life Without Wi-Fi

Note: Before I begin this, I would like to warn any readers that it is a major rant about a first world problem that most will probably consider petty, but which is a bit too present in my life right now.

Additional Note: As a result of the title of this, I am currently writing this post thanks to a mix of editing offline using Microsoft Word and stealing Wi-Fi from Starbucks/work to upload and post.

Here it goes –

Sean and I purchased our Wi-Fi package before we moved in (back in September), and selected an activation date of 8 October (the earliest available). We went with BT because it seemed the most suitable for our area, offered the fastest speed, and all around was the best deal. It is now the end of October and we still do not have working Wi-Fi. Why? you ask – nobody knows.

We have spent hours on the phone with support. Each time, a ticket is raised. Each time, an engineer is consulted. Each time, we receive a message that the problem has been fixed and it should now be working. Each time, we eagerly await our test, just to find out that it is still NOT working. We proceed to call back and get scrutinized for calling without waiting the full 48 hours for any activation to occur. Believe me, nothing happens when we wait the full 48 hours!

At first, I kind of liked the idea of not having Wi-Fi. It forced us to get stuff done in the house, and it forced me to relax after work instead of continuing to check emails. That lasted for about 3 hours. We bought furniture to assemble, and assembled it all. We bought DVDs to watch, and watched them all. We bought books to read, and I absolutely love reading, but I’m just not in the mood right after a long day at work.

And then the weekend hit and it all got worse.

This past weekend, Sean had to go home to Berkhamsted in order to fulfill his weekend duty at work. No Wi-Fi meant he literally had to leave London in order to do his job. I was left alone and, while I had plans during the day, I found myself left with nothing to do while at home in the morning and evening. After all, you can only put on one load of laundry at once, meaning I can only unpack so many clothes and put them in the wash at once, meaning I can really only clean up so much. Even worse, we have one drying rack, which means I have to pace myself when doing laundry to ensure everything has a place to dry! Showering more than once in the day is excessive. The bed can only be made once (though it never really got made anyway). I’ve beaten my high score on 1010 twice today alone – and that’s after about 30 attempts! I’ve refreshed Facebook and Instagram each ten times in the past 20 minutes. I’ve realized now that I might be going insane.

I never thought that a couple of hours here and there without Wi-Fi would be so hard, but I’ve slowly realized how dependent I am on it when I am in my “at-home lazy state.” With no Netflix, or photo uploading, or online furniture shopping, I find that I have literally nothing to do. And here I am thinking about how the Wi-Fi won’t be fixed until at least Friday. I want to cry.

I’m going to go read a book now, but I think I’ll probably just go to sleep. #firstworldproblems



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