Things I’m Loving

Wow. It has been a crazy week! Last weekend, I was in Marseille, followed by evenings spent trying to show Marisa London while also trying to get the house together. Then, we spent a day trying to squeeze in the best parts of London on Saturday. The best part? I started feeling cold symptoms mid last week and it hasn’t let up yet!

Due to the cold and my exhaustion, I’m going to start this one on a negative note, with something I hate: my commute. I’m not sure what happened, but while living in Berkhamsted, Clapham North managed to become the worst station to catch a train at in the morning. This morning, I spent twenty minutes trying to get on. Twenty!! I don’t have time for that in the morning. I’m so tempted to start a petition to work from home, that’s how badly I hate waiting on the platform and watching a bunch of trains come and go without anyone getting on. Plus, then I could work in my pajamas….

Now, onto the things I’m loving:

Progress on the house

It’s finally starting to come together. We have one wardrobe up in the bedroom, and a rug down in the living room. We even have the TV working! This place is finally starting to feel like home and I’m loving every second of it. Well, except for the fact that we live in an IKEA warehouse 70% of the time (see below). I cannot wait for the house to be done so I can just relax!

  [This doesn’t look “together” but I promise it doesn’t look like this anymore!]

Abbeville Road

There’s a street near us called Abbeville Road that has a bunch of restaurants. It’s the cutest, and was so close to where Sean used to live (and where I lived last summer). We used to love doing date nights there, and picking up croissants at the bakery on weekends. When we moved, I didn’t realize that we were still so close, but it’s the perfect distance to walk off a meal after. We went to Kerbisher & Malt, which does amazing fish and chips, when Marisa was here on Friday…and I have no doubt we will be back there soon. 

 [Kerbisher & Malt does amazing fish and chips, and pairs them with craft beers .Great for nights that we don’t feel like cooking!] 

Mornings & Sundays

Who am I kidding – I will never love mornings! However, Sean is making them much easier for me. The morning coffee has been upgraded to a cappuccino, and a full English on the weekend. Plus, on Sunday Sean ran all of the errands so I didn’t even have to get out of my pajamas (I did major cleaning & organizing to be fair). He wins the best boyfriend ever award. 100%. 

Holiday Dreaming

We are off to the Dominican Republic on Thursday! And though the weather is looking stormy, further research indicated it is just morning showers. Meaning we have 87 degree sunny afternoons to look forward to. And a pool. And a spa. And major relaxation. I need this so much and am so excited! And even if the storms are bad, we have unlimited piña coladas and a spa to pass the time (life is rough). Plus, it also means some quality time with Bob (this means career advice for me, cigars and rum for Sean, and amazing dinners for the both of us to enjoy…and Bob jokes). 



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