Things I’m Loving

Today is Sean’s birthday (the big 2-5!) so today’s “Things I’m Loving” is all about him! Don’t worry, it’s not one big gush about how I love him but rather items that relate to him in some way…which is most of my life to be honest. 

Our New Home

It’s finally looking like (fingers crossed) we will be getting the keys to our house and moving in this week. Yippee! It’s been such a long process that it’s so nice to finally see the finish line. To celebrate, and prepare, we set off on a John Lewis shopping spree this weekend. Cue the below picture of 12 bags from John Lewis. We are happy. Our bank accounts are not. But hey – it’s the cute measuring spoons and the overpriced pillows that count, right?!

Tom Cridland

I conveniently read about Tom Cridland the day after Sean’s most beloved Bonobos sweater came home ripped at the elbows from overwear. Not only do the pants look great, but he offers a sweatshirt with a 30 year guarantee! Take that, elbow patches! I find that new brands make for incredible gifts for Sean, so we may be seeing some Tom Cridland under the tree this year…if Sean doesn’t place an order first!

Child’s Play

I was sick last Wednesday and Sean came home with the Secret Garden coloring book for me! I don’t think I’ve ever gotten so excited over a book. I have been wanting the coloring book for awhile for stress relief (and a bit of fun!), so it was the sweetest sick day gift. I will say, though, the designs are very intricate and coloring in the lines is hard…maybe not the best stress relief, but definitely a nice way to mix up evenings at home!


Man vs. Dog Photo Series
It’s no secret that Sean and I are both deeply obsessed with my friend Sara’s dog, Nemo. He’s beyond perfect and the obsession is very unhealthy. Back in November, Sean and I decided to get him to pose like Nemo in a photo Sara had taken when they visited DC. We put the two side by side and found it so funny that Sara recently sent another photo of Nemo for Sean to replicate. I think it’s going to turn into a dangerous photo battle, but we are going to have a blast in the process!  

  [I love you, Sean, but I think Nemo is always going to win.]

One thought on “Things I’m Loving

  1. September 29, 2015 / 9:54 pm

    too funny!

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