Things I’m Loving

This has been such an insane week, but things are slowly starting to come together. While we don’t have a move in date, Sean and I at least know we are going to be moving in. Now, we just have to get through the furniture buying stage, the moving in stage, and the decorating stage. I’m so excited to get settled and make the house our own.

Meanwhile, here are a few things that I’m currently loving:

Date Night

Sean and I went to Meat Mission for dinner on Monday night. It was the first actual date night we had scheduled in awhile – time set aside, planned in advance, reservation made. I wasn’t feeling 100% but it was nice to have amazing food at one of our favorite restaurants and spend time together in a real restaurant in real clothes (as in not in our PJs).

[This might be the happiest I’ve ever seen him] 

Halogen Cashmere Scarf

I bought this scarf from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and was forced to break it out this week when the early mornings were freezing. It is the softest scarf I have ever owned, and I spent the entire day at work with it wrapped around me like a blanket. I definitely see it being worn VERY frequently this winter.

Fall is Coming

Fall has always been my favorite season. solely because I love sweaters and boots. And pumpkins. And pumpkin spice lattes. And really all pumpkin products. So, despite dreading the cold, I am so happy that the air is starting to develop the crisp feeling, and the leaves are starting to turn. Fall is the only season I have yet to live in England for, so I’m also excited to explore and experience it for the first time. Also, fall fashion. I just added some new booties (black and tan) to  my collection and I’m already wearing them all the time!

[Starbucks determines when fall begins…and fall has begun]

Ikea Room Inspirations

I’ve always been hesitant of Ikea because the looks are often too minimalist and plain for me. However, I was growing their inspiration section this week and came across this room, which I absolutely love. I started looking into more of the ideas and realized that people have come up with brilliant ways to utilize Ikea furniture in their spaces. Given that Sean and I are shopping for the house on a budget, I definitely want to use some of these rooms as inspiration to create a space that does not necessarily look like it is filled with Ikea furniture.


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