Home at Last!

It’s always bittersweet to return home from traveling, whether gone for a few days or multiple weeks. After Barcelona and Turkey, I was absolutely exhausted and missing Sean, so I was happy to get home, but not excited to get back to the grind.

The Bitter

After a miserable flight (so many children, so much discomfort), I landed at Gatwick and felt so close to being home. Until I had to walk literally a mile through Gatwick. And then wait ages for my bag. I fell into Sean’s arms the moment I saw him and nearly cried – I just needed to be in bed. In typical London fashion, there were road closures and traffic delays and we did not make it home until 1am.

Thursday and Friday at work were brutal. I had so much to catch up on, but no energy to do so. I’m not even sure how I made it in and through the day. However, my dad arrived on Friday, which forced me out of my tiredness.

The Sweet

On Friday night, my dad, Sean, my friend Hope, and I went to dinner at Maze Grill, one of Gordon Ramsey’s restaurants in London. It was amazing. The side portions were way too small, especially since they were meant for sharing, but the steak was so delicious, and the wine was perfect. I love when my dad visits because we always squeeze in one super quality meal (he pays!) which I start to long for after some time.

My dad really wanted to see a football match when he was in town, so I tried to get tickets to the Arsenal vs. Stoke City game since they were playing at home. I unfortunately waited until the last minute and bought the tickets on Thursday off of a ticket resale website. I did not hear anything about the tickets by the end of the day on Friday and started panicking. I did not want to let my dad down or lose the £300 I spent on them! Sean’s dad came to the rescue and was able to get us tickets so I could cancel my other order and not risk getting scammed.

Our tickets were located in the club section, so after brunch at Cote in the morning, we headed to the stadium to grab a few pre-match drinks at the bar. Our seats were incredible and my dad had such a blast! Sean looked up a nice pub for afterwards and we sat there for awhile watching the Manchester United match.


The Bitter

The exhaustion/change of diet got to me and I did not last long after the match on Saturday. Not only was I falling asleep at the pub, but I got into Meat Liquor (our planned dinner destination) and the smells made me feel so ill. So we left, cutting my visit with my dad a bit short (no worries I’ll see him in the Dominican Republic next month!). Sean and I hopped into a taxi to Euston Station and planned on making the 9:08 train…which was delayed…and then delayed again. Finally, at 10:00, the train pulled out of the station. Upon arrival in Berkhamsted, there were no taxis, so we had to walk home in the freezing cold. I was very unhappy.

The Sweet

We rewarded ourselves on Sunday with the following “Sunday Kit”:

  1. A full day in our pajamas
  2. All the remaining episodes of Bachelor in Paradise (one of my biggest successes in life is getting Sean hooked on The Bachelor franchise)
  3. A full English for breakfast…well, brunch
  4. Chinese takeaway for dinner

Sundays like that are becoming a routine for Sean and I and I’m not bothered by it at all. I should probably join a gym, though!


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