Roadtrip to Izmir

The past couple of days have proven that roadtrips don’t work in Turkey. At least not for us. 

We woke up early on Sunday to leave Bozcaada and, naturally, couldn’t. The previous day, we saw a sign that said reservations were required for the ferry. We went up to the ferry stand to make a reservation and the guy wouldn’t let us. He told us it wasn’t required on weekdays. So we went on our way happily planning on waking up to get the 9:30 ferry the next morning. 

Around 9:00 the next morning, we reached the town. You can only drive through if you are going to the ferry so we told the guard that’s where we were heading. He asked if we had a reservation and when we said no he told us it was required. A big thank you to the guy the day before who told us otherwise! We immediately called to make a reservation but they didn’t have anything available until 12, so we had three hours to kill. On an island that had already seen most of!

We went for coffee, breakfast, and a good wander and then just started driving. We stopped at one of the wineries we hadn’t been to yet so Mike could buy a bottle and then went to taste a few wines at the Güler Ada winery which was actually right next to where we had been staying.

When we finally got into the ferry and then onto the mainland, I fell asleep for the majority of the car ride. I normally don’t sleep in cars, but there is something about Mike’s car that allows me to sleep so well! 

We only made one stop on our trip, which was to Pergamon, an ancient ruins site. It was very similar to the Acropolis in Athens. I love seeing stuff like the ruins and imagining what life would be like back then. There were also gorgeous views over the city. The bad part is that it was boiling hot. I’m not sure if it’s because we were up high or if it was just hotter in this specific town, but we were out of the car for less than half an hour and so happy when we were back in the air conditioning. 

We drove back to Izmir to find that the power in Mike and Sarah’s apartment was out. It apparently happens a lot, but I had really been looking forward to wifi and air conditioning! When the power finally came back on, we all did of our internet browsing and then went to their local hookah bar, Hookah, for tea and hookah. I called it an early night out of pure exhaustion and the fact that I was falling asleep at the table.


Izmir is very similar to US coastal towns, and is much more Westernized than Istanbul. I felt completely comfortable there immediately, and was excited to explore once rested!

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