Exploring Bozcaada

Thankfully, our full day in Bozcaada was much better than the previous day. It’s a very pretty island and was a lot of fun to explore. Our day pretty much consisted of wine, wine, and more wine. 

We started the day by driving out to the lighthouse, which was absolutely hilarious because it was the smallest lighthouse I have ever seen. It is meant to be amazing at sunset, but we went during the day since we were more interested in the lighthouse itself. 


Afterwards, we drove into town to visit some more of the wineries. It was much more successful than the previous day! We had lunch, tried a few wines, and walked around again in order to ensure that this festival didn’t exist. It didn’t. 

After lunch, we drove out to one of the biggest wineries for a glass of wine at their cafe. It’s unfortunate that they are not allowed to do tours or anything, as it would have been really interesting to see how wine is made on the island! We went back to the Airbnb after our drink for a pre-dinner nap. 
I thought ahead the previous night and grabbed a card with the taxis number so we were able to call a taxi to get into town that night. We went into town around 5:30pm and grabbed some coffee before walking around aimlessly for a bit. We then went to dinner at Talay, one of the wineries. At dinner, the table next to us had just done like a ten wine tasting and we got so excited. We immediately asked the waiter for the same and he just said no. Turkey doesn’t make any sense. We settled for wine and dinner before hopping around to a couple of other bars for more wine. 

I bought some of my favorite wines to take back to London with me before we went to our final stop of the night, this really nice restaurant on the water. The people there were really upset that we only wanted wine and dessert, no meal, but served us anyway. They told us that we were the only tourists they had seen all day which was shocking because the island was still packed and there were constantly people coming and going on the ferry. I haven’t quite figured that one out yet.  
That night in the Airbnb was so hot that none of us really slept. I don’t think I will be staying somewhere without air conditioning again any time soon!

Fun fact – Alcohol bottles in Turkey are required to have a specific warning label, much like those in the U.S.  Mike and Sarah told me that the slogan on the bottle literally translates to “Alcohol is not your bestie” (it’s more alcohol is not your *something a bit more intimate than a friend* but their version sounds better). 



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