Barcelona, Pt. 2

Day 2

Hangovers get harder with each passing day. I don’t even want to know what they will be like when I turn 23 in December! 

We got a (very) late start to our second full day in Barcelona, meaning that our plan to do all of the touristy stuff was completely spoiled. We decided pretty early on that we did not have the energy to do anything, but settled on seeing La Sagrada Familia before passing out on the beach for the rest of the day. 

I was excited to see La Sagrada Familia, but have also recently started despising visits to churches in cities I visit. While I absolutely love seeing the architecture and learning about the history behind them, they start to all look the same after awhile.  I did not know what to expect of La Sagrada Familia, but I wasn’t expecting much…….I wrong. It was seriously the most magnificent thing I have EVER seen. I did not take many pictures because they just weren’t doing it justice, but I’ve included a few. 


After La Sagrada Familia, we went straight to the beach. This time, we opted for sun beds and an umbrella in order to ensure optimal napping conditions. I napped a bit, went for a swim, and napped some more. I forgot how much I enjoy swimming in the Mediterranean – nothing like the freezing cold, seaweed filled dark waters of the Atlantic Ocean! We ended up staying on the beach until about 7:00pm, when everything was closing for the day. 


We wanted to take the cable car ride before heading home, but got there to find out that they only took cash. The girls were short, and the ATM was quite far, so we decided against it, mainly because we couldn’t make it to the ATM and back in time for the last ride so we really had no choice. I was a bit disappointed because I really wanted to see the view from the cable car, but skipping out on it meant we had time for tapas. 

Tapas was one of our other “best decisions” of the trip. We asked for a recommendation from the hostel staff and the place we were sent to was amazing. La Tasqueta was just around the corner from our hostel. It was absolutely buzzing and I completely understand why! The tapas were served buffet style and each piece was €1-1.80. It seems a bit expensive that each item is €1, until you’re about 3 in and already full. For €12 each, the girls and I were all absolutely stuffed, barely able to make it out the door. My favorites were the Brie, prosciutto, and zucchini and the fried egg & chorizo. I’ve already told Sean I’m going to be going through a tapas phase when I get back to England, so everyone is invited over for some!


After tapas, we went back to the hostel to hang out. We ended up playing Uno and a couple of other card games that left us dying of laughter. I cannot remember the last time I played a card game and had so much fun doing so. The rest of the group went out after that and the four of us retired to our beds. We decided we didn’t deserve to go out since we screwed up that day, and needed rest in order to get all of the touristy stuff done the next day!

Day 3

The next day was our last full day in Barcelona, so we felt the pressure to get everything done. We woke up early and ate breakfast in the hostel before heading to the FC Barcelona stadium, Camp Nou. We bought tickets for the tour & museum which allowed us access to the stadium. 

It was my first time seeing any stadium so empty (except for Fenway) and it was so cool to stand down by the field and imagine what it would feel like to be a player of all the seats were full. We got plenty of pictures and marveled at all of the trophies before heading to our next stop, the Gaudi houses. 



We stopped for lunch first, at a restaurant called Mordisco. It was a really cute restaurant and the food was delicious. I got the black rice and prawns and squid and was not expecting what ended up in front of me. For a second I thought I was about to eat tar, but it ended up being really good and I felt adventurous for trying something new. 

We visited Casa Mila and Casa Batlló, both designed by Gaudi, but only went inside Casa Mila, aka La Padrera. The design of the building was breathtaking – absolutely no straight lines, and incredible shapes. We explored the roof terrace for a good half hour before visiting the attic and the apartment. It was honestly like being inside a work of art. 

Due to time constraints, we only saw the outside of the second house, which is designed to look like a dragon. I wish we could have gone inside because Gaudi’s work is so fascinating that I want to look at it all day! However, in lieu of the second house, we went to Park Guell, another Gaudi creation.  

We did not actually go into the park as two of the girls were feeling ill, but we saw some incredible views of Barcelona before heading back to the hostel. A full tour of the park is definitely on my to do list for my next trip to Barcelona! 

In an attempt to cap off our trip with a fancy night out, we went back to the hostel to change before going to the W Hotel’s sky bar, Eclipse. I was a bit disappointed that the sky bar was more “clubby” than expected, but we had incredible views, sushi, and cocktails up there so it was ultimately a good experience. We went out with the hostel again after, but only for a little while, and then went back to pack and get a pre-departure snooze. 


Departure Day

In typical foodie fashion, my last experience in Barcelona was brunch. I found out about Federal Cafe on Foursqaure and knew we had to try it, so the girls and I grabbed brunch before I headed to the airport. Federal Cafe was decorated like my favorite brunch places (I don’t even know how to describe the decor but it’s my go to for brunch restaurants) and my dish was amazing. I had baked eggs florentine with Parmesan and did not want the meal to end!

After brunch, I made my way to the airport to fly to Turkey to spend six days with Sarah and Mike.


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