Barcelona, Pt. 1

The girls and I decided on a short trip to Barcelona back in May and I was excited for it from that day. The trip did NOT disappoint, and ended up being such a fun, but still relaxing, break from work. 

Arrival & Accommodation

We arrived late on Sunday evening and headed straight to our hostel. We were between hostel and Airbnb but decided on a hostel since we want to meet people. It was probably the best decision we have ever made because Hostel One was the nicest hostel I have ever stayed in! Upon our arrival, they had dinner and a jug of sangria waiting for us…we were in heaven!

At Hostel One, the staff were incredible. All four of us were determined the create lifelong friendships with them in our short four day stay. They fed us family style dinners every night, organized all of the nightlife, and were extremely helpful in every other regard. The rooms were clean and the bathrooms extremely modern and clean. I never really felt like I was in a hostel, except for the whole meeting new people everyday thing (which is obviously a plus). 

Day 1

Since we called it an early one that first night, we were up early the next morning ready to see Barcelona. We started with the Free Walking Tour, which wasn’t incredible, but led us to some sights in the Gothic Quarter that we wouldn’t have seen otherwise. The tour ended near the beach so we headed straight there afterwards, ready to soak up the sun. 

The beaches in Barcelona are an experience, to say the least. After paying for an umbrella and setting down our towels, we were immediately approached by people selling henna tattoos, mojitos, blankets, and even massages! The weather was perfect, though, and it was the first time I had stopped to relax in awhile. I’m not going to lie, I might have even gotten a (slight) tan – to anyone who knows me, it’s a big deal. 


After the beach,  we went for some snacks at a restaurant by the beach called Foc. We chose it because they were the only ones who did not have someone standing in the street trying to lure us in. It was more Brazilian/South American food than Spanish, but it was so amazing. Lucy and I split a trio of tacos and a guacamole selection and it was a lovely pre-dinner snack (because as always we end up eating more later). 

We went out with the hostel that night for our first Barcelona nightlife experience. We went to a local bar (which serves G&Ts as what appears to be 90% gin and 10% tonic in a MASSIVE glass) and then to Apolo, one of the best nightclubs in Barcelona. For a Monday night, it was absolutely wild, and we didn’t get back until 4:30 am! I can’t even remember the last time I’ve seen 4:30 unless I was waking up for something. 

After that night, we quickly determined that we are getting old and cannot handle Barcelona nightlife. It made for a very rough (and unproductive) following day. 

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