Moving Step #2: Temporary Housing

Written on my morning commute, 7:30 am 

Well, here I am, on the train at 7:30 am on my way into work. Yesterday, I was still in bed at this time!

You know by now that I already moved out of my flat, but I was still living in London…now, I’m not. At 7:00pm last night, Sean and I lugged all of our stuff (with the help of an uber…hey there was a lot of stuff!) to Balham station and caught the last direct train to Berkhamsted. In the drizzling rain we took a taxi to his parents house, tiredly ate our takeaway fish and chips, and used the last of our energy to lug the stuff up the stairs.

For the moment, we are in Sean’s parents massive house all alone. So what did we do? Got ready for bed, marveled at how dark the room was (we are staying in his sisters room), became freaked out at some suspicious noises, and ended up sleeping with the bathroom light on. We are so grown up.

This morning, there were three snooze attempts (Sean), a post-shower cat nap (me), a slow walk to the station (15 minutes), and finally…coffee! And now I am sitting on the train with a bunch of 50 year old men in suits playing Sudoku with their morning cup of coffee.

I’m in a surprisingly good mood, and really not as tired as I expected. Ask me again in a week and you might get a completely different answer!


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