Moving On…and Down the Road!

I’ve already announced that Sean and I bought a house, and that we did most of our moving this past weekend, but today was the day that sealed the deal – I said my last farewell to Sandmere Rd. Last farewell as in I was planning on leaving my keys on the counter. Except I forgot to because I was in a rush…

This goodbye is bittersweet. Bitter because it’s always sad moving out and I feel that I never made an effort to really make my room/the house as homey as possible. Sweet because I get to move in with Sean and we can really make the new place ours, and because it’s not really goodbye. After all, I’m going to be within a ten minute walk from all of the Sandmere girls!

I’ve honestly been so fortunate with my living arrangements in London. My first trip had me living in South Kensington; the next put me in Clapham in a gorgeous conversion with a great couple and an incredible dog. And now this one, although short-lived, has left me with five girls who essentially make up my London friend group (Lucy, Catherine, Lucy, Ellie, Emmie – that’s you!).

So tonight I went to the house, vacuumed my room and emptied out my food, took out one last garbage bag, and took that photo above of our lovely, awkward corner shop house.

[This little mantlepiece was my favorite part of my room and I had so much fun buying frames and knick knacks from various places and countries to decorate it. I’m so excited that the new house includes one, too! Already consulting Pinterest…]

Though I only lived there 50% of the time, I have incredible memories of Sandmere Rd. From the team bonding which occurred over our joint desire to eliminate all potential mice, to squeezing around each other to all try to fit in the kitchen, to what can probably be named the best pancake day ever, I’m so happy I got to call this place home for 7 months and got to spend so much time with some great girls.

In September, I’ll be moving into a new flat and turning it into a place that I can call home with someone I truly love. I’ll invite all of the girls over for wine nights and barbecues and will spend many nights back at Sandmere Road. I have no doubt these girls will remain in my life – just in a different context (a more fun context, in my opinion!). I am so happy with the way things have worked out and so fortunate that a short conversation on SpareRoom and an awkward FaceTime call turned into such incredible friendships.

Plus, no matter what happens next, we always have this…

[Not pictured – Emmie. AKA my replacement, but the best replacement I could possibly ask for! Here’s to many Falcon nights down the line]


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