Weekly Recap

Wow! I did it – reviewed my week two weeks in a row. I can tell this is going in a positive direction. However, “Weekly Recap” sounds a bit bland to be featured every week…currently brainstorming cuter names.

This week was a rather boring week. Aside from working every day, and trying out some new recipes at home, I do not really feel like I did much. Therefore, this review starts on Thursday, because I honestly cannot remember anything I did before then!

We suffered the Tube Strike Round 2 on Thursday, which was actually pleasant because I took a different route to work which allowed me to walk by St. Paul’s, stop for Starbucks, and just put myself together before walking into the office. I now no longer view the Tube Strike as an enemy.

[My morning commute Tube Strike style…not bad!]

I was running the office for two days while my bosses and Megan were in Paris for a meeting. It was a boring couple of days, but Megan brought me macarons from Laduree and was quickly forgiven. We also took time for a catch up lunch on Friday and discovered a Thai restaurant near the office that is definitely going to become a new favorite lunch spot. We each spent £12 for a shared appetizer, our own main, and some prawn crackers. And the mains were MASSIVE – also probably the best pad thai I have had in London yet. Already dreaming of going back…next week maybe?

 [Macarons from Paris…the Laduree in London just isn’t the same! Currently salivating just thinking about them. Salted caramel, anyone?]
 [New favorite Thai place, Ekachai – complete with a colorful chopstick selection]

Lastly, the weekend. It’s been a stunning weekend – warm weather and SUN. Yesterday, I went to the Common with the girls where we drank Pimms and lounged in the sun. We ended up at the pub (surprise) and I indulged in a burger and curly fries since I hadn’t eaten all day. Today, Sean and I moved – well, kind of. I am now fully moved out of my flat, with some of my stuff at Sean’s and some up at his parents. We did a run up to Berkhamsted today with the majority of our stuff and will slowly get the rest up there over the next week and a half. Then, it’s country living until we move into our flat!

   [All packed up – and we managed to do it in one trip! Minus the essentials…which would probably take another 2]

 [We treated ourselves to a pub lunch at The Boat in Berkhamsted after a hard day of moving out and moving in. It’s a rough life, I know.]


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