Home Cooking

We were doing some home shopping around John Lewis the other day and I took Sean toward the cookie sheets. His reaction was, “when do you ever bake?” The thing is, I genuinely enjoy cooking and baking. I wouldn’t say I am very good, but it is fun to mess around a bit in the kitchen and end up with something delicious. I also find myself eating healthier when I cook at home (not to mention it’s very budget friendly!).

 [Does dropping ravioli in boiling water count as cooking?]

However, my biggest issues with cooking at home are a) I don’t have the time or energy after work and b) I don’t have all of the ingredients. Sharing a kitchen, I feel that I haven’t made the effort to go and get all of the random spices and ingredients that pop up in random recipes. When I run into Sainsburys Local on my way home from work, they often don’t even have the ingredients so I just end up making my go to meal – salmon, rice, and some vegetable. As a result, I end up spending a lot of money on takeaway (you can ask Sean for the exact figure for last month- it’s terrifying).

When Sean and I move into our new house, my goal is to become a true home cooker. I’ve already told him we are going to go do a major essentials shop. And by essentials I mean oils, spices, and sauces – specifically all those random ones you need for Asian-style dishes (hello General Tso’s Chicken!). He rolled his eyes but I am really looking forward to actually having everything I need in the kitchen so I can cook every night. This means healthy dinners and leftovers for lunch – savings in both the ££ and kcal departments!

 [My (quite boring) go to meal]

I got a bit overexcited this week and already tried what I am sure will become a staple – Sesame Shrimp & Garlic Stir Fry. I also have my eye some recipes from my pinterest board – roast beeftex mex stir fry, and even a salad!

 [Last nights stir fry – today’s lunch!]

I can’t wait to get cooking – or to get Sean cooking! Any recipe recommendations would be highly appreciated 🙂 – especially ones which are wok or crock pot friendly!


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