Foodies Festival

On Sunday, a couple of my flatmates and I had a day that was 100% dedicated to food. The “Foodies Festival” was on at Clapham Common (our neighborhood Central Park) which was essentially a festival of food vendors, street food stands, and other promotional stands, some not even related to food. 

  [Hungry Hippos]
I tried to have my Instagram cap on throughout the day and snap a ton of cool pictures, but I did not entirely succeed. However, I did try to get some photos of the random food I ate and cute little promotional signs – sorry, I’m attracted to the most random things. 

I ended the afternoon at the pub with macarons, and ended the day in bed at 7pm so in my book it was an extremely successful day and I couldn’t be happier! Currently dreaming of more food festivals in the near future, but will at least be paying a visit to Borough Market soon enough!

[I was so excited about this lemonade cocktail stand…and my pink lemonade gin fizz!]     [This is one of our neighborhood pubs – I’m absolutely obsessed with the beer garden which has these little seating areas that make me want to snuggle with a drink in front of the fire]


One thought on “Foodies Festival

  1. TheLondonWhistler August 1, 2015 / 7:41 pm

    Looks so fun. I was so sad I couldn’t make it :(. God those macaroons look good

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