Best. Week. Ever. 

By “best week ever,” I mean this week was better than average. That’s my standard these days. Saturday – Friday and it was alright. 

To start, Sean and I went into Chelsea on Saturday for some shopping and lunch. We had the “best sandwich in Chelsea” (their claim, not ours), some oysters, and great summer cocktails. The tube was down on the Circle/District line (my fault for not checking in advance) so we were stuck on buses to get there and it took us Londoners some time to figure out the right bus but we eventually got there, had our food, and did some home goods window shopping. 

 [A duck confit sandwich from the market in Duke of York Square. To die for.]

Afterwards, we hopped on the bus to a friends in Marylebone for her leaving drinks & BBQ. It was so nice to be with such a great group outside of work – great food and drinks, great company, and plenty of memories!

 [Men around the grill – this made me feel like I was back in America] 

[Most of the gang. We had such a blast with Anastasias Polaroid camera!] [Sean showing off his bartender skills. He blames lack of ingredients for the poor taste of the mojitos.] 

We lazed around on Sunday, despite our initial plans to head to a cocktail festival. The day turned into a full English for breakfast and burgers for dinner. And I couldn’t be happier. We watched the Davis Cup and The Open while napping during commercial breaks. That’s the new Sunday in my book – no more plans, just PJs, sports on TV, and bacon.  [Yes – Davis Cup on the projector and golf on the laptop]

When the work week started, things began to slow down but quickly picked up when WE BOUGHT A HOUSE! Well, we found a house – but we are on our way to the whole buying thing. I’m so happy our search is over and we have a place to live come September. Moving forward, Sean is taking care of all of the purchasing and my only job is to find furniture and decor. I’m NOT complaining! (more to come on this adventure very soon)

Today, in typical Thursday fashion, Megan and I headed for after work food and drinks. We missed our catch up last week so this week it was much needed and we spent time celebrating our small victories at work today.  [The raspberry and cider apple martini. So. Good.]

Tomorrows plans = nothing. And I’m happy about that. It’s Thursday night and after a week of friends, finding a flat, and victories at work I’m happy to say in advance that it’s been the best week I’ve seen in awhile. I have high expectations for this week to follow!


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